Add High-Tech Wearables to Your Wardrobe

Some amazing technological advances have revealed themselves in the past few years. In the meantime, some very high-tech gadgets have also become fashion statements – even going so far that they are worn on the body as an accessory. But very useful accessories they are, as many can help with organising your time and, ultimately, your daily life.

Why have High-Tech Wearables become so Popular?

As 21st-century citizens, we rely on technological devices to thrive in a highly competitive and challenging world. The combination of stressful responsibilities and workload can dilute our enthusiasm and love for good fun. It’s no wonder we’re constantly on the lookout for shortcuts that help us manage a load of responsibilities while simultaneously enjoying our lives.

This is where high-tech wearables are coming in. These wearables enable us to complete most of our essential duties effectively and efficiently. At the same time, they also fulfil some of our essential needs and wants. Everyday consumers want to invest in wearables that make various significant aspects of our lives – like networking, fitness, messaging, healthcare and security – easy to manage in the midst of all our busyness.

Why Invest in High-Tech Wearables?

Are you hesitating to spend your precious earnings on high-tech wearables? Well, you shouldn’t. Wearables labelled “high-tech” can elicit feelings of financial worry in the majority of the population. Moreover, marketing statistics show that most people don’t tend to spend more than USD 200 on a smartphone no matter how diverse and numerous its functions.

If you are like most other people, you’ll be glad to know that wearables are already available in many places. Whatever the price may be, most of them perform the essentials well. In the future, according to many predictions, the wearables industry will be expanding greatly. This might affect future pricing, so make your choice wisely!

The Pros of High-Tech Wearables

High-Tech Wearables that Forgetful Peeps will want to Invest in

It may be easy to forget about many important tasks when you’ve got countless responsibilities weighing on your shoulders. This is why wearables like the Apple Watch and Nymi Band are so important for you. The starting price of the Apple Watch was USD 349 in April 2015, and that of the Nymi band was USD 149.

The Apple Watch is designed to give the impression of a smart-looking wristwatch. This wearable’s main functions are similar to those of a smartphone but it’s much easier and more efficient to access because nothing needs to be removed from a purse or pocket.

The Apple Watch has built-in applications for playing music, activating a map, turning on a GPS navigation system, working out at the gym and tracking levels of physical activity. It can also alert you to text messages, emails or app notifications received by your smartphone.

You can also complete financial transactions, like paying your grocery bills, with this gadget. The watch display may be adjusted to your liking. All you need to control your wearable is your voice and your fingertips.

Do you often forget your keys and passwords? Then the Nymi Band is for you. You just need to store your vital information and passwords on the device; then you can unlock all sorts of things ranging from your email right down to your car with a simple swaying movement of your wrist. An additional new feature also allows you to pay bills through a specialised token system.

One other device from this same company is known as HeartID biometric authentication wearable that allows you to keep track of your heart rate and hence, your blood pressure. It is worn as a simple wristband.

High-Tech Wearables for the Aesthetically-Conscious Woman to Invest in

Most women are conscious about their appearance to others. Women who juggle work and domestic responsibilities generally find it difficult to find the time each day to dedicate to maintaining a stunning appearance. High-tech wearables offer a solution for their situation.

Netatmo’s June wearable stepped onto the market at a very affordable price of USD 99. It has the appearance of a bracelet. This device is a light sensor that records the intensity of sunlight wherever you may be. It alerts you whenever a certain solar intensity would necessitate the protection of a hat and sunglasses. It works via a connection to your smartphone, to which it sends valuable suggestions and precautions that you should heed. For instance, it will recommend the ideal SPF-level sunscreen for you.

The Lumo Lift wearable entered the market at a price of just USD 100. This gadget aims to improve your posture to your individual liking. It has a decorative pin-like appearance. In addition to alerting you every time you sag or slouch, your energy and fitness are tracked.

High-Tech Wearables for Animal Lovers to Invest in

If you are an animal lover who cherishes her pet like a baby but does not have the time and energy to care personally for it every minute of the day, these high-tech wearables will be your dream come true.

FitBark is a wearable that went on sale at USD 99 when it appeared on the market. This device is ideal for owners who have obese pets. It allows the owner to track their pet’s activities and behaviour 24/7 to determine how active the pet should ideally be. FitBark needs to be fastened to the dog’s collar at all times.

Voyce is another pet wearable that looks like a typical collar. This device allows the owner to monitor their pet’s health, keep significant medical records in order and lead an intelligent discussion at vet appointments. Furthermore, the owner can also access health tips individually developed for a pet by specialised medical personnel.

The Cons of Investing in High-Tech Wearables

The one big con of high-tech wearables is that the majority of women do not find them very stylish, according to market surveys.

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