Millennials are a huge market, and their expectations tend to be different from other audiences. Their exposure to technology and desire for interaction and new experiences make them the perfect audience to try new things with!

Here are some ways to engage your millennial audience at an event:

1. Build an experience.

Since millennials are exposed to, and do not shy away from different types of media, this means you’re free to choose more than one for your brand presentations. If resources allow you to, use a mix of videos, music, and even virtual reality to tell your brand story. Not only will your young audience love it – it also enables you to maximize all the ways you can tell them about your brand story.

2. Make it interactive.

You wouldn’t sit through a boring lecture, so don’t expect this generation to do so! Instead of straight lectures and talks, break the monotony by introducing peer-to-peer interaction or Q&As with the speaker. You can also use real-time technology through tweets and hashtags, QR codes, even apps – the possibilities are endless!

3. Get personal.

They’re not called Generation Me because they’re self-absorbed – perhaps only because they are more self-aware. And they reward brands who recognize this. Show that you care about their opinion by crowdsourcing ideas (you’ll pick up a lot, we’re sure) and that you care about them as individuals by personalizing materials for the event.

4. Keep it casual and friendly.

Research shows that one of the things that drive millennials to attend an event is the chance to meet and network with others – and that includes the older generation! Millennials are highly social and engaged, and they want to connect with others who have the same interests, and passions. Keep the floor open for casual discussions and provide break times when they can mingle with others.

5. Leave an impression.

Millennials are known for leaving a social media footprint for just about anything, and this is even more true for causes that they care about. If your company supports a cause or is impassioned about an issue, find ways to weave it into the messaging. With millennials as your ambassadors, you have an opportunity to promote your cause even after the event.

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