Ever since the best-seller by Marie Kondo on the Japanese art of decluttering, more and more people have again considered organizing and decluttering for a more positive lifestyle.

Today, it is more than just having a clean home or workspace or an organized work plan; it’s actually about organizing your whole life to achieve more happiness and create more positivity.

What’s more is that you can aside from your home, school/office, and businesses, you can also apply the art of decluttering in your digital life. Are your social media feeds or email feed filled with posts or messages that are quite useless?

Are you constantly bothered by the annoying notifications? Do you find it hard to look for the posts or emails you actually care about in the sea of posts, messages, and selfies by people you hardly know? You are not alone in this modern-age misery! The art of decluttering is one way to patch this problem up.

Thankfully, there’s no need to get rid of your current accounts; emailing companies and social media website developers provided ways for us to easily declutter our profiles and news feed. Here are some of the steps you can take to declutter your digital life:

Positive Living: Declutter Your Digital Life

Decluttering Your Social Media Accounts: Learn the Arts of Unfriending and Unfollowing

Possible Problems: The common problem among social media website users is having too many people on their friend list; while it does look nice in your profile to have a thousand friends, it could get annoying when you are skimming through your feed.

Having these many friends means having to see posts of a thousand people on your feed. You also probably have that one social media friend you cannot delete – may be a relative or your boss! – but posts things you find irritating.

What you can do: Social media websites like Facebook provided two ways: you can either unfriend these people or unfollow them. The first option is for those “friends” whose posts you never really cared about and “friends” you never really talked to.

In short, unfriend those people on your friend list who are simply there to add up to your friend count and feed space. What about unfollowing? Unfollowing someone means he/she is still your friend on facebook, but you can no longer see posts of this person on your news feed.

So this is what you do to people whose posts you do not want to see but cannot remove from your friend list either. What makes this feature nice is that other people have no way to see who you unfollowed. If you unfriend someone, the other person would know if he/she sees you are no longer on his/her friend list!

Decluttering Your Phone: Learn to File & Let Go.

Possible Problems: Many of us have developed a habit of downloading different apps on our smartphones. Why not make the most of them, right? There are so many apps available today answering for your different needs – entertainment, budgeting, organizing, communication, etc.

On top of all these, taking photos is just too easy when you have your phone right in your pocket. However, continuing to do things like this would turn your smartphone into a digital junkyard. At some point, you can no longer use it with ease, it will start to slow down, and it is going to get quite difficult to look for things.

What you can do: First, learn to file. Instead of letting those apps scatter around your screen, organize them into folders according to their purpose. It can be as simple as “Utilities”, “Games”, “Music”, “Social Media”, and “Photos”.

Check your galleries. Put your photos in folders. Instead of having mp3’s of random songs by random artists, file them by artist, album, or genre. This makes it hassle-free to look for that song you want to listen to. Second, learn to let go. Uninstall the apps you no longer need; do not hold on to that “I might need it in the future” thinking. It’s not that difficult to download the app again, after all.

Delete those photos you no longer need. If you really need the space, you can upload them to your social media websites or if you do not want to make them public, you can also opt for free image hosting. Websites like Photobucket or Dropbox offers an option to keep your uploaded files private. Rather than keeping music files on your phone, you may opt to go for apps like Spotify instead.

Decluttering Your Inbox: Learn a Habit

Possible Problems: Do your emails continue to pile up to the point that you can barely find the emails you actually need? Most of us have been there.

What you can do: The common mistake is that when we receive emails, we do click them but leave them there. What many do not know is that the emails you received should only be temporarily there; so when you receive emails, you should actually do something other than simply opening them.

It is at least one of the three: you keep responding to the email, you keep it in folders, or you put it in the trash. Make it a habit to do one of these things to all the emails you received. We know it’s a bit of a hassle, but you should start by clearing out and organizing the past emails that piled up.

It’s a lot of work, but as long as you develop the new habit we suggested, you never have to face such a task again in the future.


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