The word “networking” sounds cold and political to many women, but the word indicates a forming of relationships with a mutually beneficial group of friends. As Keith Ferrazzi said, “The currency of networking is not greed but generosity.” This means that you receive support from the group while you return the favour, with the give and take occurring on all occasions.

Networking is the most effectual way to climb the ladder of success. Through your network, you can obtain and share skills and contacts that are essential for everyone’s success. To survive in today’s competitive world, we need to master an extensive range of competencies and modernise ourselves as swiftly as possible for effectuality and efficiency.

Research has shown that women get less from networking than men. Hence, it is paramount that we form networks as quickly as we can, and spend our valuable time and effort on them every day. There are two ways of networking: through the virtual world and the physical world. I do not believe one is more effective than the other, but the combination of the two is a lot more powerful.

Daily Networking For Women in the Virtual World

The ideal way to network successfully on the virtual platform is through the use of the LinkedIn professional social site.

First and foremost, form a connection with some LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your professional field. Plan to interact with their team members intelligently, and be proactive (not a lurker). Establish yourself as a productive person within the group. Comment on the posts or post a topic of discussion two or three times per week. Be sure to show that you are a reliable and trustworthy person with valid sources of facts, statistics and information whenever you comment and post.

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Remember that while every post you see on your newsfeed is inviting you to join a conversation, it is a waste of valuable time to comment on every single one of those posts. A better strategy would be to like, share, or comment on some of the more relevant posts each day (perhaps on your commute home from work?).

Download the “LinkedIn Connected” IOS or Android application. This will allow you to easily receive notifications every time there is an important event within your networks, such as a new job opening, work anniversary, new training or workshop event. Your instant response to these events can provide a boost your career.

Finally, if you feel that the discussions or opportunities within a networking group is not beneficial to you, establish a new networking group. Share news, articles, slides or videos to initiate a conversation or discussion. Tag certain people directly so that your posts are highlighted to them. This will establish a stronger connection within the group, as they will appreciate your friendly and interactive behaviour.

Daily Networking For Women in the Physical World

In the real, physical world, you can form networks by attending seminars, workshops, conferences, company fundraisers or any other career related events.

Initiate a friendly interaction with your co-workers, even if they don’t directly help you in your job, as they possess different skills and networks that can be helpful later on. For instance, set up a fundraiser for the company’s benefit. Ask a few of your co-workers to help by sharing some efficient strategies that can get the task done faster. The next time they need help with a task, you can support them through your insights and experience. This exchange of ideas supports everyone and establishes a good network between you and your co-workers.

During conferences, don’t think that you are there to just learn and go home. Share your thoughts and tactics with the others. Offer to include them in one of your personal projects or give them ideas so that their careers may also grow. This is a generous and effective way to develop a solid network.

Form connections with organisations or charities that are affiliated with professional figures you admire. Working with such organisations might highlight your skills and bring you reknown within that organization’s community.

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