Good reasons to head to work early

Getting up in the morning on a workday must be one of the most excruciating moments of every employed adult’s day. We have all had days where we just want to throw the alarm clock out the window and sleep until noon, but can’t because of our ever so important job.

You just have to jump out of bed, grab a fresh cup of coffee and deal with it; or face the remaining years of your life without a good source of income. While having a job that requires you to wake up early certainly can certainly be difficult, there are a few great reasons to actually get out of bed and rush to the office early.

It is a hell of a lot easier to get to the office

Yes, it would be really nice to get an extra hour or two of sleep before you head on out into the world. You really could just look at the buzzing alarm clock and press the snooze button over and over again. But consider the fact that the longer you stay in bed, the harder and more time consuming it will be to get to your workplace.

A few more minutes in bed could spell the difference between a leisurely car drive to getting stuck in traffic for an hour while your boss is calling you up and asking where you are.

Why it makes sense: The earlier in the day, the less traffic and people there will be out on the streets. This is one of the biggest reasons some employees prefer getting up early to go to the office. Your car ride is faster because there are not that many vehicles in the street; which means that you need not worry about traffic. There are fewer people taking the bus or train, especially if you live in a city where people usually go to work later; this means that you won’t get too sweaty and stressed because your morning commute was not a big hassle.

You can avoid the distractions

Have you ever come into the office when your colleagues have already clocked in? Can you hear all the people talking? Can you hear all of the printers and copiers running? If yes, then you would probably agree with me and also consider them quite a distraction.

You want peace and quiet but you really can’t avoid noise and drama once all your co-workers are already there. Distractions can really put you off and affect your output during the day, so why not head over to the office earlier in the morning so that you can avoid them?

Why it makes sense: It’s quite simple really; the earlier you are at the office, the fewer distractions you are likely to come across or hear. No noisy colleagues or overworked copiers in the office; just you, your freshly brewed morning coffee, and maybe a security guard to chat with when you are getting bored.

It is very refreshing to step into a calm and serene workplace in the morning, especially if you are the kind of person who works better alone in silence.

Good Reasons To Head To Work Early

You have some time to plan ahead

Rushing to the office without knowing what comes ahead can be a bit of a headache. Think of your boss suddenly coming up behind you asking about a project you talked about the other day; What would you say after having just woken up, showered, and groggily walked up the office stairs a few seconds ago?

It could have been a lot easier if you had some time to think about right? Next time, you should really consider heading over to your desk early so that you can think about and play the day that lies ahead.

Why it makes sense: Planning your day can do wonders for you at your job. You will have an idea of some tasks you need to finish during the day and what work you can do once you are done with those tasks; everyone likes a productive employee.

It will also give you a chance to clear your head before the day begins so that you can focus your attention to more urgent work that needs to be done. You will surely be able to think about answers to any questions your boss might have for you later in the day.

You are the first person to see your boss

We all have to look good when we are at work. Some of us work extra hard (or pretend to do so) in front of the boss; some have some friendly chit-chat with the boss; some get the boss food or some delicious hot coffee. But what would really get your boss and the other higher-ups to notice you is if you were the first employee to do all of these things on every single workday. I repeat. Every. Single. Day.

Why it makes sense: If you really want to stay at a job and hopefully get a significant raise or a big promotion, chances are your boss will be the one to decide whether or not you get to have any of those things. Bosses love productive employees; they like seeing their people work and accomplish things the whole day.

Coming in early will let your boss know that you are very dedicated to your work and that finishing it is your biggest priority. Surely your boss will remember you if you are the first thing that he runs into at the office every workday, right? Working hard and working early will definitely help you improve yourself as an employee and help you reap the benefits.

Whether it’s to avoid the traffic, set a good impression, or to enjoy a quiet workplace void of distractions, heading to work early definitely has benefits. So why not get up and go to the office an hour or two earlier? Who knows, maybe you could run into your boss on your way there.

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