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Although managing one’s own financial productivity sounds daunting, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider this productivity page your one-stop shop for information on a swathe of life topics and the value you can glean from every minute of your day. Let us help you figure out how to better manage your time, network productively, and negotiate to get what you want. There are lots of tips that will optimise your work day, make it more fun and productive and help you promote yourself. For savvy women, it’s all about increasing not only your financial standing, but also the value of your skills and experience. The more value you wrestle from your time, the better your financial productivity will be too. This financial productivity guide for women is ready to show you how. Making the most of your time is a skill that can take a while to learn. Women may find their multiple activities – everything that comes with being a working woman, a wife and mother, a community volunteer, a caregiver for elderly parents or even a politician running for office – overwhelming. It’s no wonder that many women have the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in a day. There are enough hours in a day, and by making some changes in the way you live and work, you may be surprised at just how well you’re able to improve your financial situation. These changes might be major, like adopting new habits, or they may be a matter of fine-tuning the way you approach getting things done. A large portion of maximising productivity involves learning. We women easily learn through creating connections to others who have new insights to offer, or through diligent self-education that can open new avenues of thought. Meeting other women is a major part of making new connections. Savvy women, many of whom have learned the ropes from others, can help connect you to other savvy women. Soon you’ll have assembled a network of helpful people whose personal experiences will inspire you and whose own productive habits can be adapted within your own lifestyle. Learning on your own is important too. Learning, for example, to become a wise investor takes some time, some courage and some acceptance of the trial-and-error. It’s a good idea to be a lifelong learner and constantly build on your money-management talents. This financial productivity guide for women speaks your language in words you can relate to and ideas that will spark into action.

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