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Any woman can take away some awesome ideas from an engaging piece of writing and apply them to her own life. The New Savvy presents a collection of articles specially selected for their relevance to women pursuing their financial and professional dreams. You’ll find here some of the freshest new ideas and expert opinions on topics ranging from the financial markets to relationships, career opportunities and real estate. Some pieces are social commentary essays, some are editorials, some are just plain brainstorming pie-in-the-sky pieces that will get your own creativity flowing. It’s easy to recognise some facet of oneself in the personal stories by authors who’ve covered a lot of ground in their life experience. Immerse yourself in the narrative of women who have made major lifestyle changes to accommodate their visionary financial planning, and chances are you’ll be applying these ideas to your own outlook. Capitalise on others’ guidance and make some extraordinary life improvements! Social commentaries open up new cultural perspectives that we may not have seen before. Often we can’t see the trees for the forest when it comes to relationships. The writings that The New Savvy has collected here shed light on the thoughts of individual men and women revealing fascinating new angles about their experiences with partners, colleagues, family and business-builders. These are great ideas on how to nurture friendships as well as professional success.

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You’ll find experts’ opinions on the future of financial market sectors. Chosen for women by women, these resources can arm prospective investors with the background they need to think intelligently about making a move with their money. Drawing from the experience of success is a key to developing fiscal knowledge and unveiling the motivation to create a rosy future backed by a smart wealth-building strategy. There are also intriguing personal follow-ups by The New Savvy’s editors to articles appearing in specialist media. We scrape away some topsoil and drill down to answer practical questions about, for example, legal criteria in owning a HDB flat. Savvy women will devour the thought-provoking ideas in Opinions as it’s strikingly evident that there’s an uncanny relevance to their own lives. Financial, professional and personal objectives are ideally nourished with delicious fresh ideas and insights, here at The New Savvy.

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