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This inspirational financial guide is a must-have for any woman looking to absorb some incredibly positive vibes from some incredibly motivational women! The New Savvy has gathered the stories of women who have created their own success through hard work, ingenuity and just plain smart thinking. Access these TED talks, speeches, biographies, quotes, career lessons and proven entrepreneurial guidance and let these women’s stories inspire you. Women have had tremendous impacts on modern-day business, politics, science, human rights and the arts. Many of them started the careers that cradle their ultimate achievements in the life stage that you find yourself in right at this moment. There is no time like the present to begin your own journey of discovery and development. The accessibility which social media and online resources offer makes it easy to take up these stories of inspiration. The New Savvy will be your new awesome best-friend bookmark. We’ve created this website specifically for women in Asia. Inspiration comes from anywhere, so we’re always on the lookout for the newest trends worldwide – and the stories behind the women setting them. The common theme running through “Inspirations” is the outreach to all types of women who want to achieve financial success. Crucial milestones along your own personal path might include investing in just the right options in the stock market, or making runaway sales with your own start-up’s new product, or increasing the endowment of your favourite charity thanks to your own hard volunteer work. Some women experience overwhelming personal financial success when they identify their dream career and immerse themselves in it by rolling up their sleeves and applying lots of elbow grease. All the monetary success that comes your way along your own path wouldn’t create a perfect life on its own. There needs to be a good dose of happiness along the way as well. That’s why these inspirational stories are so important. Find out about the happiness that drives successful people to pursue their dreams. See how inspirational women like Michelle Obama or Jennifer Lawrence share their message about creating a better future – and breathe in their enthusiasm as you read those stories. There is a similar interest buried within each of us. It is up to us to uncover it, nurture it and act on it. Explore the stories, advice and motivational tips within this Inspirational Financial Guide and you will soon unlock that enthusiasm. Start your own journey now. Let yourself be inspired.

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