The threat of COVID-19 has sneaked upon us. The whole world is under lockdown. While some people are still getting acquainted with the new normal, many others are struggling with financial issues. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the pandemic has taken a toll on the economy of nations across the globe. It may sound a bit depressing if your loved one’s birthday happens to fall during such challenging times. While maintaining social distancing, you cannot go to meet them or party together. But with the help of technology and a bit of creativity, you can impress them with exciting birthday gift ideas that we are sharing with you.

Throw a virtual party

Thanks to technology, you can socialise with your friends and loved ones virtually over video calls. You can organise an online birthday party surprise for your friend or beloved. Ask your other friends to join in as well. Everyone will end up having a fun time together while maintaining social distancing.

Order a birthday cake

A birthday celebration is never considered complete without a cake-cutting ceremony. Many online cake stores are offering contactless cake delivery in Singapore amid the lockdown. It is a safe delivery option, and the cake is prepared, packed, and delivered under strict safety standards and procedures. You can place the order for the cake online to add more fun and sweetness to the birthday celebration of your dear ones.

Movie Marathon

You can plan a movie marathon on your friends or loved one’s birthday via Netflix Party. It is a great way to link up friends and host long-distance movies nights. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat option. No matter if you are miles apart from your loved ones, you can still plan a movie marathon together yet apart.

Surprise with a birthday video

Don’t be disheartened if you cannot meet & greet your loved ones in person on their birthday during the lockdown. You can create a fun and exciting personalised birthday video for them clubbed with their favourite songs and pictures. Such a thoughtful gift will take them by surprise and show that you care for them.

Send them digital gift cards

So what if you can’t send gifts to surprise your friends or loved ones on their birthday. You can still make the day special with the e-gift cards of their favourite apparel, accessory or gadget brand. The e-gift cards come with a validity period and available at a varied range of prices.The recipient can use digital gift cards to shop for their favourite items once the lockdown is over.

Host a virtual game night

Don’t let lockdown ruin your spirit. Host a virtual game night for your friends & loved ones on their birthday. There are plenty of party games, classic board games and drinking games that you can enjoy with your bunch of friends online. It will be challenging and fun at the same time and make you feel closer to each other even when you’re miles apart.

Gift an online training course

There can’t be a better time than lockdown to encourage your friends and loved ones for learning new skills. Ranging from the dance on-call to fitness on-call, online creative writing courses to cookery courses, you can find plenty of digital gifting options online. They would make an excellent birthday gift during the lockdown. You can choose a course online that matches the personality of the recipient to wish them a delighted birthday.

These impressive birthday gifts will make your loved ones feel like you’re right there with them and put a lovely smile on their faces.

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