Throw a Low-Cost Party with High-Level Fun!

Everyone’s always up for a good party, right? Friends, food, featured drinks, funky music and fun are the key ingredients of the most fabulous get-togethers. With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can throw a fantastic fest without burning a hole in your pocketbook. The atmosphere is everything, and it takes a touch of cleverness, not a lot of money, to create just the right ambience that your guests will enjoy.

Low-Cost Party Step 1: Invitations!

Invitations don’t necessarily have to cost you anything if you are planning a casual party in Singapore. You don’t always need to spend money, time and effort on formal paper invitations with postage stamps and a trip to the mailbox. Thanks to technology, you can send your invitations out as e-mails. You can check out online sites offering free and creatively designed invitations. Another way for you to invite your friends without any money-consuming formalities is to create an event on Facebook. This method allows you to involve your guests in the planning.

For example, start a discussion about the music and songs they’d like you to play at the event. Better yet, all these free invitation methods will help you get an immediate response from your invitees. This way you’ll be able to put your finger on the number of guests attending that much sooner and make your plans based on your guests’ responses.

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Low-Cost Party Step 2: Decorations!

Most of us women want to show off a nicely outfitted, well-organised home to our guests. Therefore, we often spend our money mostly on objects that look showy and elegant but don’t have much practical use in our everyday lives. Keep this typical but slightly wasteful behaviour in mind and set a limited budget for your party decorations. You might decide to earmark a larger portion of your overall party budget for decorations if that is your priority, but don’t go overboard on that budget. You may be wondering how you can come up with some great-looking décor on a minimal budget. The best answer is right in front of your nose.

Be creative with what you already have in your house. Think you don’t have enough fancy matching cutlery? Then mix and match all those styles you do have to create a retro look. Want to use place cards? Don’t go for the elaborate ones. Grab a marker and create simple ones using found objects like pinecones or Chinese takeaway meal boxes. Instead of purchasing elegant centrepieces, make your own with vibrant paper, coloured sand and colourful fruits assembled into an eye-catching arrangement. If you’re looking for more clever and innovative ways to decorate, take a spin on YouTube.

Low-Cost Party Step 3: Eats & Drinks!

Foods and drinks don’t need to cost much if you’re throwing an informal party or get-together. Your aim should be to fill up your guests on little snacks like appetisers, soups, chips and dips or other finger foods. This will save you money as well as a lot of preparation hassle. Perhaps you serve up one main dish after all the small ones.

Your party can be a popcorn buffet! Arrange a variety of flavours of popcorn for your guests. These can be caramel popcorn, chocolate popcorn, ordinary salt and butter popcorn, cheesy popcorn or any other taste-tempters that you can imagine making. Preparing them is simple – you just need to toss the unpopped kernels or the popped corns in your selected mix of ingredients. Arrange the popcorn varieties in a buffet-like manner and have your guests self-serve.

In keeping with the theme, you can organise movies to watch together either inside the house or outside in your backyard. If you opt for an outdoor screening, grab some king-size bed sheets and hang them up to function as a screen. Use a cheap second-hand or borrowed projector to show the movie.

If your party is more formal and small snack-like dishes won’t do, have a potluck where you encourage your guests to show off their cooking talents and exchange recipes. You might even hold a vote for the best dish and then award the winner a little prize.

High-quality alcoholic drinks can cost you with lots of money. Search for a variety of cocktail recipes online and learn to make some for your party. In doing so, you’ll be able to offer semi-alcoholic drinks while investing a limited budget in alcohol. Keep in mind that not all of your guests will be thrilled with this situation since some of them certainly come to the party just to enjoy the booze. Let your invitees know in advance about the cocktails that you’ll be serving and give them the option to bring their own beer – just in case. Make sure that you also offer non-alcoholic drinks like punch, sparkling apple cider or sparkling water for underage guests, teetotalers and designated drivers.

Low-Cost Party Step 4: Entertainment!

You can deliver exciting, cost-effective forms of entertainment inside your home or outside in your backyard.

If it’s nighttime, have a competition with a glow-in-the-dark ring-toss challenge. All you have to do is attach a dowel to your wall and use glow-in-the-dark necklaces to be thrown onto the dowel.

Have your guests compete in a self-designed backyard Twister game. Cut perfect circles out of a large piece of cardboard that can serve as a sort of a Twister mat. Lay the cardboard out in your backyard and fill in the empty circle spaces with colourful Krylon marking chalk spray as you might not want to paint the natural grass of your lawn.

You don’t need to hire a DJ or learn to become one yourself to play exciting music at your party. All you need is your smartphone. Thanks to free smartphone apps like iHeartRadio and Pandora, you can locate and play some electrifying tunes. Create your own playlists based on suggestions you got from your guests via social media, or just play music you select from the ‘Party’ music category.

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