Start with a Breakfast Date

Many couples date over coffee. Consider turning this meet-up on its ear and making a date for breakfast. It’s a matter of convenience, flexibility and practicality since everyone’s got to eat breakfast anyway. There’s also an ulterior motive.

Considering that the old saying goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, this may be one big chance to make inroads in a relationship!

A Breakfast Date for a First Date

Have you ever been asked out on a date by a random stranger you may never have noticed before? In such cases, you might always just say no even though there may be something very appealing and charming about one guy or the other. So why not agree to meet up for a breakfast date with him?

Breakfast dates will provide a comfortable setting for you. You should find it easy to converse with him over breakfast, meaning that you won’t feel any awkwardness on your side. There will be early news headlines to discuss.

Nonetheless, try to hold yourself back from debatable topics like politics. You can also talk about your upcoming plans for the day. If you’re the one who’s asking a remote acquaintance out on a date, a breakfast date will also work in your favour!

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Breakfast dates take place early in the morning when you’re looking bright, fresh and vibrant. This means that you look more attractive than you usually would at an afternoon coffee meet-up or on a dinner date.

In fact, it is said that people look cutest in the morning! The best part of a breakfast date is that you can easily cut it short with a plausible excuse if things are not going as well as you had hoped. Just say that there is an emergency at work, and you have to leave early. Restaurants usually offer breakfasts as relatively low-cost combo deals. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on a bad date if the situation appears to be going nowhere.

A Breakfast Date when You’re too Busy to Date

Are you a career woman who’s married to her work? If your answer is “Yes”, don’t worry about a lack of time for your love life. Breakfast dates are totally convenient for people like you who are always on a tight schedule.

Given the minimal leisure time that you have in your busy lifestyle, it is quite natural that you choose to spend it relaxing and focussing on yourself.

You probably have no desire to risk spending it with a stranger with whom you just don’t connect. Breakfast dates are often less pressured. They can be arranged very quickly. What a great way to capitalise on your most valuable possession – effective time management skills.

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A Breakfast Date when You’ve been Set-up

Going on a date that’s been organised by your friends or family can be very awkward. In such cases, breakfast dates are a great help. You’ll be able to have a normal conversation even when things have the potential to unravel.

If you don’t want to reveal any personal details to this unknown individual, you can still find a slew of topics to discuss. If you were on a coffee meet-up instead, wouldn’t it feel strange to end the date too soon by getting up and saying that you have to go somewhere?

A Breakfast Date for a Special Celebration

Breakfast dates can be much more meaningful on special celebratory occasions. In such instances, it’s strongly suggested that you arrange these yourself in a private setting, like within your four walls of a home. Did you remember just in time that it’s your romantic partner’s birthday or even your anniversary?

There’s no need to think that it’s too late to arrange something special. In fact, organising a breakfast date signals that you value this person so highly that you can’t wait to wake up and see him or her first thing in the morning.

It’s not so difficult to set this up and moreover, it won’t cost you much. If you prepare the breakfast meal yourself rather than going to a restaurant, your pocketbook will also thank you.

Preparing a dish in your kitchen can cost you less than USD 10. Also, your gesture will be highly appreciated as you will be displaying more effort from your side in wanting to make your romantic partner happy.

To cook a simple, romantic dish for your breakfast date, all you need is some creativity and a few basic cooking skills. You’d be surprised at how a simple dish can be made so elegant by adding a variety of fruits, creams and syrups. To prepare an egg in toast dish, cut out the middle of a slice of toast in a heart shape, break an entire egg into the heart and cook the toast/egg in a pan until you have a sunny-side-up egg inside the heart shape of the toast.

Cook bacon strips like you normally would but just shape them into a heart on the plate. You can take fruits like strawberries or bananas, dip the bottom in melted chocolate and let the pieces cool. Make pancakes, mini doughnuts, crepes, biscuits, cupcakes/muffins and French toast as you normally would, but serve them with lots of fruits, creams/yoghurts and flavoured syrup/honey.

Create fruit kebabs with seedless grapes, melon balls, pineapple cubes and berries, serving the final product with a honey yoghurt dip.

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