Staying in shape is rewarding for physical and spiritual health. Nowadays, getting there can be really fun too, thanks to the huge array of fitness apps available. If you are still spending your time taking one boring step after the other on a seemingly endless treadmill, consider how you can shift that task to becoming high-quality training enhanced with entertaining music, games and social media.

The best part is, these 8 fitness apps, easily downloaded to your smartphone, are all almost or completely free!

Fitness App for Philanthropists

Are you keen to make a difference in society? If so, there’s an app called Charity Miles which would be perfect for you. With this free app, you have the option of jogging, walking or running for your favourite charity organisation. The app will monitor the distance you cover and transfer twenty-five cents to your preferred charity for every mile you cover.

This money is available thanks to funds donated by corporate sponsors. Before you head out, just make sure that you switch on your location on your smartphone so that the distance you cover can be tracked. This app is a great way for you to contribute to a charity even if you yourself don’t have the means to do so from your own wallet.

You’ll also improve your physical fitness in the process. This app is definitely a win-win situation for you and your favourite social issue.

Fitness App for Cyclists

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The free app called Strava is a dream come true for cyclists. It allows a cyclist to track his or her workout in terms of improvement of average speed and number of calories burned. Out on the road, on your own, bike-riding can often feel pretty isolating – but not with this app.

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You can connect and socialise with your cyclist friends. You can compete with them and congratulate them on their performance. This can a fantastic bonus for you since you’ll feel motivated and inspired to improve your cycling skills. It follows that you will be improving your general fitness level as well. If you are a newbie cyclist, this can even set you on the path to becoming a real pro.

Fitness App for Social Media Addicts

The Endomondo Sports Tracker is just for you if you’re addicted to online socialising. You’ll never need to exercise alone again! You have the chance to connect with friends and other app users through many types of social media. Enjoy bragging, competing and sharing your results with your social crowd.

You will also find discussion groups here to guide and support you whenever you need assistance about a fitness-related matter. The free app itself also provides helpful information for some topics.

Fitness App for Fitness-Conscious People

As a fitness-conscious individual, you might like to run, do yoga, go to the gym or participate in outdoor activities. The following fitness apps will be supportive, motivating and entertaining for you.

For those of you who love to run on an adrenaline rush, Zombie, Run! is incredibly cool. This free app simulates the feeling of zombies chasing you, helping you to increase your running speed. Just think, this app would put you at an advantage during a zombie apocalypse!

On a more realistic note, are you often set a goal of becoming a top-class runner, but failing to achieve it? Then the Nike+ running app will pose a solution to your problem. This app helps you attain your objectives by directing you to focus on your capabilities and developments. With a location-finder, calorie-counter and time-tracker, you can monitor your speed and distance.

To motivate you, there are achievements that you collect and workout playlists that you create and sync with the app. Finally, this free app can connect you with your friends so that you’re all set to dialogue with them on social media about your performance.

If you are a yoga freak or gym lover, there are a few useful apps for you. Yoga Studio and GAIN are two of these that will show you some workout poses through videos, trainers and audio directions. These apps allow you to customise so that you can find exactly what you need and what you’re looking for.

If you’re hoping to get an adventure thrill from outdoor exercise, then you should try the Mountain Athletics app. This app presents a six-week training programme that focuses on different styles of skiing, mountain/rock climbing and other challenging activities.

This free app provides you with comprehensive video guides. Any intense athlete can monitor performance and focus on improving specific points such as agility, strength or stamina.

Basic Fitness App for Everyone

If you’re not one of the fitness lovers mentioned above, then you’re probably not into intense physical activities like running a marathon. You probably just want to be physically active to maintain your health.

In this case, Movement Tracker may be quite suitable for you. This app’s primary objective is to keep you sufficiently motivated to be physically active for at least half an hour every day. It records the distance you travel, the time you spend and calories you burn as you stroll, sprint or cycle.

It also tracks other essential everyday activities like organising your room or shopping at the mall. Whether you are partying or out grocery shopping, you can easily observe your hard work with this app.

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