Looking or feeling beautiful doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive affair. Oftentimes, we end splurging on beauty products to get the satisfaction that we are doing something right with our skin or appearance. This isn’t wrong- however, there are alternative methods that you can follow to enhance your beauty with foods that you can find right in your kitchen.


Lemons are generally only used in the kitchen and for making lemonade. However, did you know that lemons have a pretty big number of uses for the skin and overall health? For example, you can take care of hard feet and rough skin by making a mixture of lemon and brown sugar.

Lemons are also great for acne as the acid simply burns them off. Take one-half of the lemon and rub it on your skin before you go to sleep.

How To Enhance Your Beauty With Foods



Blackberries are mainly used for boosting memory, but they’re good for enhancing your beauty as well. All berries are healthy for you and have amazing properties, but blackberries are probably the best when it comes to what they can do. Improving your memory and enhancing your beauty – all of that in a single type of berry? Amazing! You can make a simple glass of blackberry juice to gain the benefits.

Also, take a look at kratom tea. Kratom tea can help improve your cognitive abilities, and in combination with blackberry juice, it’s sure to give you lots of positive results.

 Green potatoes

Green potatoes have just emerged in the world as a powerful choice to enhance your beauty and take care of acne. They’re great for fighting spots, covering grey hair, and evening out your skin tone. Simply take a couple of potatoes, put them in a juicer and mix them up. Drink the juice immediately to get the best results. Do this in the morning.


Everyone knows that you can use cucumber pieces to cover your eyes but did you know that they’re a fairly strong beauty enhancer? Cucumbers are 95% water which means they will hydrate your skin and soften it.

Do you have acne? Well, don’t despair! The cucumber is here to help! Mix an equal amount of cucumber and lemon to create juice or paste and apply it to acne areas of your skin with a cotton ball. Allow the mixture to dry on your skin.

How To Enhance Your Beauty With Foods


Many people don’t consume garlic since it causes bad breath and makes them uncomfortable at social events. However, you should really reconsider this choice! Garlic is probably the most powerful weapon for taking care of any skin issues like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, spots, etc. It’s also pretty powerful when it comes to removing stretch marks!

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