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Living a healthy lifestyle and improving money management skills go hand in hand. This food and health guide and tips from The New Savvy cover many bases, from sensible eating and shopping tactics for those grocery store trips, to body-and-mind strategies to help sharpen financial decision-making. Attentive foodies will find inspirational recipes to keep any irascible restaurant-addict home for dinner. Any woman looking for quick, effective methods to burn some energy and stay fit will love our exercise tips. Food is a favourite foible. It’s simple to spend lots of money on delicious-tasting food that may not be very good for you. By re-thinking the way we enjoy food, women can save money and learn to get better nutritional value and flavour from what we eat. Learn how to approach meals in restaurants from a new perspective and save hundreds of dollars every year. Swap out restaurant meals with home cooking. Cut down on grocery costs by planning meals well in advance, shopping for generic staples and using coupons religiously. Avoid impulse buying, and every delicious meal you make will be not only within your budget but also nutritionally spot-on. It goes without saying that the better you feel, the better you perform. Healthy eating habits, sufficient sleep and exercise are the underpinnings of high achievement at work, school and sports. Living healthy is also fundamental to managing your money effectively! When excessive stress takes its toll on a woman’s wellbeing, it will show in the way she handles her financial affairs. The New Savvy aims to educate and inspire with advice on maintaining a healthy balance. Do a quick health-maintenance check relative to your life phase. Whether it’s establishing your list of preferred doctors and dentists, or changing those lenses in your glasses prescription in middle-age or purchasing long-term health care insurance to cover you in your golden years, it’s essential to monitor your health and plan for the next phase of your life. Milestones like marriage, parenthood and job changes also call for a re-examination of health care coverage. For the time being, keep on eating healthy and don’t stop moving and shaking! Exercise keeps savvy women happy and fit. Consult our health guide for some great tips on fun, inexpensive exercise routines to get you in shape fast. The New Savvy also has the latest recommendations on exercise apps, which will convince any woman, no matter how busy, to climb aboard the train of health and well being.

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