“Good Things Come to Those who Sweat!”

Get Fit #1: Running Outside

Waking up early and doing a brisk morning run outside in the park or just around your neighbourhood can be beneficial in getting one in shape while connecting with fresh, awe-inspiring morning nature around you. One can also run for charities or marathons whenever possible.

This can not only keep you physically fit but also mentally fit as you raise money for a worthy course while keeping yourself fit. A good example is the upcoming Standard Chartered Marathon which will be held in the 5th and 6th December later this year. Many runners in Asia are looking forward to it.

It is quite reasonable not to run for a long duration over a long distance in the initial stages when you start running daily as a form of exercise. A series like NHS couch to 5k programme which is available free on iTunes is very effectual in building up strength and resilience gradually in your muscles so that you may be able to run quickly over a large distance for a significant amount of time. This series of podcasts targets the 50s age -group range and is mild and suitable for an untrained body.

For those unable to do morning run for medical reasons, morning walks can be a good alternative. A half an hour walk daily can help in maintaining an ideal BMI, lower your chances of developing any cardiovascular diseases and relief from anxiety.

Should you opt for this first economical way of keeping fit, then a simple investment in a good pair of sports shoes will suffice.

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Get Fit #2: Taking a Guava Pass

For those who are never enthusiastic about doing physical exercises, a Guava Pass will be suitable for you. This is a membership physical fitness program that provides the opportunity for tightly scheduled people to exercise whenever or wherever they can courtesy of the extensive range of studious available at a variety of locations within a country.

In Asia, it is available in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei. There are 65 studios all throughout the Singaporean island. The uniqueness of Guava Pass is that it offers a range of fitness activities for those who love to experience varieties instead of the same old workout machines at the gym to remain fit.

There are numerous fitness activities such as yoga, hip-hop kick boxing, Muay Thai, ballet and much more. This gives the perfect flexibility for people to find the fitness method that befits them. Membership is open to cancellation at any time as it is due on a monthly basis.

Get Fit #3: Working Out at Home

Whether swamped with chores, kids, assignments, managing the entire family or you are a frazzled career woman, working out at home can be quite easy for any woman. The only requirement is a feasible game plan.

You need first to decide on a suitable range of time between half an hour to one hour, three to five days per week to conduct your work out sessions. Next, select the workout variety you can do at home that keeps you motivated and interested.

Consider callisthenics, skipping (skipping ropes are very cheap) and exercise balls. Calisthenics is just squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, star jumps, crunches (chair crunches or chair dips), lunges, leg-lifts and so forth.

For a gym like a feel at home, one can alternate the gym equipment with household commodities. An example is a use of the countertop of your kitchen bench for your push-ups as an alternate to the push-up bars of the gym, pantyhose or leggings as resistance bands, replace the gymnasium’s sets of dumbbells with soup cans and large measuring jugs (filling water within different levels).

Get Fit #4: Taking up Cycling

Cycling is one of the most economical, time efficient and useful methods to keep fit while at the same time making use of it as means of transport. You can use your bicycle for travelling over short distances like going the stores, your kids’ school or even to your workplace. Along with physical fitness, this will help you save what you could have spent on petrol or gas consumed by your car, and you will no longer have to schedule a certain time out for your physical fitness.

Get Fit #5: Your Mobile Phones can be Handy

Smartphone are one of the reasons for inertia. You can get healthy with the help from your smart phones for no or minute charges. There is a large variety of applications which contain fitness training programs, calorie dependent diet programs, running simulators and much more. Examples include; ‘Zombies Run!’, ‘MyFitnessPal’ and ‘Fitocracy’, just but a few.

Get Fit #6: TV, DVD or the Internet

Watching television and movies on the DVD or surfing the net may cause you to skip your gym sessions. With some ingenuity, you can use the television to your advantage by trying different exercises in between commercials. There are also exercise programs that are available on TV, DVDs and YouTube. It is prudent to ensure that these programs are of high quality and by strictly professional individuals or else, they might do you more harm than good.

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