Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work

Exercising regularly requires commitment and time. Most of us can muster up the commitment, but there’s no way to pull several hours out of thin air if workplace and personal obligations don’t allow any time to go to the gym.

If you’re one of those people who spend many hours every day on-site at your workplace, don’t despair. There are plenty of good online workout videos available that will get you moving towards fitness. Think of using your lunch hour, coffee break or even a few minutes once you put down your pencil at the end of the workday to explore and try some of these routines.

Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work – Hang Out with the Sun

This online workout is easily found on Kristin McGee’s webpage. It is ideal to consult at work but does require some open space under an emerging morning ray of sunlight. The yoga instructor demonstrates a sequence of yoga positions twice for your convenience.

This two-minute workout routine will energise you and refresh your mind every morning, making you more flexible and better able to concentrate on your office tasks throughout the day. It’s best to try to finish your more complex tasks earlier in the morning after performing this routine.

Moreover, you will also burn quite a few calories. Although the suggestion is to do the workout early in the morning for two minutes daily, it’s completely OK to do it several times throughout the day. You might prefer this, particularly because this routine soothes and relaxes your mind.

If you feel stressed or perturbed, perform these yoga postures and you will feel at ease straight away!

Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work – Fat-Burning Shortcuts

Online workout videos from Shaun T., the celebrity fitness guru, will guide you towards identifying some perfect fat-burning shortcuts. You can find these videos on his Facebook page. Every day you can find new five-minute fat-burning workout postings there.

These workouts are convenient for the workplace because they can be done in a very short time. You can use them to work out for five minutes whenever you are on a break at work. Many people tend to use their work breaks to have a smoke. But when such brilliant fat-burning shortcuts are available, why cave into the bad habit of smoking?

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Use this opportunity to kill your cigarette habit (if you have one) and burn unnecessary body fat instead. What’s most interesting is that Shaun T.’s workouts involve dance routines. This means that not only will you be improving your fitness, but your body will also become flexible and ready to dance like a pro!

Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work – Workout Class

Are you put off by the expensive cost of highly professional workout classes that are often conducted by renowned celebrity trainers? If so, you’ll be glad to know that you can enjoy these same classes from the comfort of your very own workspace.

All you need to do is subscribe to the BeFit YouTube channel and you’ll be set to go. Your favourite trainers like Jillian Michaels and Denise Austin are there to help guide you to perfect health by offering a range of videos showcasing different workout techniques. The workout routines include Pilates, strength development, boot camp and much more.

All these won’t cost you a thing except your dedication! These convenient fitness classes are accessible anytime you want at your workplace, perhaps using your smartphone and earphones. You can always pause the videos if you are interrupted due to any important work-related matters.

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Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work – With Your own Personal Trainers

The Fitness Blender webpage offers short but impressive and motivating workout videos. You’ll be guided by a powerful and professional duo of fitness trainers who will personally train you and fire you up. The workouts they offer are not only for beginners, as there are some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style routines as well.

The HIIT routines are designed for individuals with a body that’s already well-trained and who want to burn fat quickly but more effectively. Training newbies might find these routines too difficult, so beginners should carefully seek out suitable videos for themselves. For the same reasons as mentioned in the online workout directly above, these routines can also be very supportive of you at your workplace.

Worthwhile Online Workouts at Work – Sweating as a Dog Lover!

The YouTube channel Jessica Smith TV will undoubtedly be your favourite way to work out if you are a dog lover (especially a bulldog lover). It’s a real treat to watch the adorable bulldog in the background of the video as you work out. Being able to stream, pause and play these videos easily at your workplace is extremely convenient.

Even more appealing is the fact that you’ll find a free four-week workout plan that you can easily download from her official site. Download the plan, and you can effortlessly follow it at your work whenever it suits you.

If you don’t have online access to your workplace, you can do some simple exercises while just sitting in your chair. This can be especially helpful when you are stuck at your desk for too long. Before going to work, consult the webpage exercise.about.com, where you will find stretches for your wrist, forearm, lower back, lower body, upper body and abs.

You can also still view the YouTube videos on your smartphone by downloading them ahead of time to view them offline later.

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