With the rising affluence in Singapore coupled with the gradual but unrelenting emphasis on appearance these days, it comes as no surprise that many Singaporeans, both men are women, are now seeking out renowned plastic surgeons across the island, to make a significant difference in the aesthetic department.

But as affluent as we are getting, the true blue Singaporean in us are always looking for deals that cost the least but impacts the most.

Top 3 Plastic Surgery procedures in Singapore

With that in mind, from the data we have compiled on PlastyTalk.com, here are the top three most popular procedures in Singapore that will not only bring you a giant leap towards aesthetic perfection but also gives you more bang for your buck since they are capable of some truly astounding results.

1) Upper Blepharoplasty (Double eyelid surgery)


Blessed (or cursed) with the mono-lidded and typically small eyes, it’s not all that surprising that Upper Blepharoplasty aka double eyelid surgery makes it to the top three in the ‘Most Popular Procedures’ list in Singapore. In fact, according to some of the renowned doctors in Singapore, Upper Blepharoplasty comes out on top as Singaporean’s most sought-after procedure of all time.

So just what exactly can an Upper Blepharoplasty do for you and why is this procedure in such high demand?

Our eyes are one of the most important features that could potentially make or break our overall facial appearance. More often than not, we equate almond-shaped, bright, double-lidded eyes as the quintessential attractive and beautiful eyes. But the Asian gene almost always disappoints by defying such attributes, giving the majority of us droopy, narrow, mono-lidded, hooded or slit-like eyes, of which, none comes close to the idea of attractive.

However, an Upper Blepharoplasty has the capacity to turn things around, changing that pair of dull hooded eyes into a sharp and alluring set of baby blues. With a simple incision or two to the old tired eyes, the new pair of bright and well-sculpted baby blues brightens and sharpens the entire countenance, giving the overall facial appearance a boost of vigour that makes you look younger and glisten from afar.

2) Rhinoplasty 


It must be the Asian gene (yet again) that we hold accountable for our dissatisfaction with our relatively unattractive noses. After all, the description, short, fat, round-tipped, low bridged, don’t sound the most alluring to many. The Asian nose is one that typically lacks height and length but comes in generous proportions in the nose-tip area.

Being the centrepiece of our face, the nose becomes the most important feature on our face. Too huge and it’ll stick out like a sore thumb, too short and it’ll mess up the golden ratio of our facial beauty, too low a bridge and it’ll risk us looking flat and 2 Dimensional. Because such is the concerns and discontentment amongst many Singaporeans, Rhinoplasty comes in 2nd for the top three most commonly done procedures in Singapore.

Whether you have an almost non-existent nose bridge, a pair of flaring alar, a short and round nose tip, a Rhinoplasty can counter all these aesthetic imperfections, giving you a beautifully sculpted ski jump nose with a raised and refined nose tip.

It is only with a pair of the well-sculpted nose that brings symmetry to the other facial features. Upon blending in harmoniously and effortlessly with the facial features, the perfect nose is key to bringing you a huge step closer to aesthetic perfection.

3) Liposuction 


If there’s one thing that unites us, ladies, it has to be our common hatred for the word ‘Fats’. Unfortunately for the female gender, we are biologically engineered to store a lot more fats than men and as if that is not bad enough, these repulsive fats choose to be deposited in the wrong areas such as the tummy, arms and thighs.

What’s worse is with age, our metabolism slows and the accumulation of fats starts to pile. Before we know it, layers of blubber have now found permanent residence in our tummy and thigh areas and no matter how much effort we put into our exercise regime, the blubber doesn’t seem to be relenting.

As such, Liposuction becomes our extremely effective weapon to combat these stubborn fatty cells.  Being the third most popular procedure in Singapore, Liposuction has earned quite a reputation in the plastic surgery clinics. Liposuction essentially sculpts your body, removing the excess fat cells that ruin the tight and shapely body.

Allowing the shape of your body to start on a clean slate, Liposuction is one of the most crucial procedures, if not, your only hope to maintaining the coveted hour-glassed shape, which may prove to be a tall order, while battling the brutal process of ageing.

And so we have it, the top three most popular procedures amongst Singaporeans. Whether it is an Upper Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty or Liposuction, it is clear that Singaporeans are now more image-conscious. And so, with more Singaporeans getting a double eyelid surgery, a sharper and slender pair of the nose or a more shapely body, one thing’s for sure – Singapore is soon becoming an eye candy land.

PlastyTalk is Singapore’s premier portal on Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. Find all you need to know about Doctors, procedures and also read reviews and opinion articles.

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