Beauty products and cosmetics are the yins to every woman’s yang. Frankly put, beauty products and cosmetics are not a tool to hide behind but rather to enhance one’s natural beauty.

Take a look at Prince Harry’s current squeeze, Meghan Markle for instance. Instead of hiding her naturally freckled face with layers of foundation, she decides to play up her stunning eyes with loads of kohl and smoky eye makeup.

You can also recreate Meghan’s stunning Princess transformation with the cheaper alternative to the right beauty tools but also this time without actually leaving the comforts of your home. These days, more consumers are going digital for their beauty shopping needs.

In Singapore, e-commerce is thriving and the beauty industry is no exception to the rule: the 3 most visited online beauty shops count almost 6 million visits per year in Singapore alone.

While you plan out which Meghan Markle look you want to recreate for that weekly savvy date night, we gathered some tips and hacks to help you shop for your needs at the most visited beauty retailers in Singapore!

How to Save on Online Beauty Purchases

1st place: Sephora Singapore (4,851,425 visits per year in Singapore)

  • Use couponing websites: If you want to save some money on your order without having to set up an account, you can check for Sephora deals in couponing websites.
  • Get a Sephora Beauty Pass subscription- it is free and gives you points for each online or in-store purchase. It will also entitle you to birthday gifts including an in-store free brow waxing service from Benefit Cosmetics (which would otherwise cost S $22). The more points you have on your Pass, the higher your membership and the bigger the rewards.
  • Get free samples with each online order: When you place an online order,  remember to add the free samples you are entitled to (up to 3 samples per order): You will see the available options upon checkout, and if you have a Beauty Pass membership, you can use some of your points to ‘upgrade’ them.
  • Check out the weekly specials available at the Weekly Special section for reduced prices and deals, and follow Sephora on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to get additional discounts, freebies, and Beauty Pass points.

2nd place: HERMO Singapore (674,035 visits per year in Singapore)

  • Become a member by clicking the top right ‘Sign up’ button: this will instantly give you S $15 off your first order and subscribe you to a newsletter with Insider offers. You can then also opt for a gold or platinum membership depending on how much you spend on Hermo (more than S $1000 and S $2000 respectively): this will give you an additional 1.5% and 3% off every order you place for each respective status.
  • Always remember to check out their sale tab, with sales varying from 5% to 65% off on selected products, as well as freebies.
  • Top up Hermo Credits and use them for your purchases: 100 credits correspond to S $1 off your order, and you can use up to 500 credits (hence S $5) by order maximum. To win Hermo credits, you can:
  1. Log into the website for 10 days in a row (200 credits-S $2)
  2.  Review your products (20 credits-S $0.2 per approved review)
  3. Share your products on Instagram with the #HERMOSG hashtag (50 credits-S $0.5)
  4. When shopping, each dollar you spend gives you one credit
  5. Confirm your order and review it (20 credits-S $0.2)
  • Upon checkout, see if you can ask for free samples or a gift with purchase (GWP) while stocks last in order to try new products without having to buy them. Keep in mind that the items that are featured in Beauty Bundle Box, Hermo Pick, and Beauty Grab are not eligible for a GWP.

3rd place: Beautylish (419,851 visits per year in Singapore)

  • Be alert for the Beautylish Gift Card Event: it is usually a 3-day event in November, during which for each $100 spent on purchases, you get a $20 gift card that expires the following year. So schedule any bulk buys for the end of the year and benefit from this event!
  • Want to receive a surprise bag for the Japanese New Year? Then subscribe to the Beautylish newsletter to get a notification when the sale begins. Usually, a regular size bag costs $75 (plus $10 for shipping in Singapore), and the items are worth around double the price you pay for the bag, so it is a pretty worthy deal. However, do look out as many products are the same from year to year.
  • Register for a free shipping delivery: with any order over $75, you can get your order delivered for free, skipping the $10 flat rate for shipping to Singapore.
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