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LIFE is the ultimate financial guide to women's lifestyle. Written for women, by women, LIFE’s universal topics are relevant for women around the world. We present advice and tips in these categories: Success Mindset, Financial Productivity; Inspirations; Relationships; Beauty & Fashion; Food & Health; Opinions. The focus of LIFE is personal finance and everyday money management within women’s lifestyle choices. It features articles written from the perspective of experienced financial experts, as well as interviews that will help many be inspired by women leaders. Success Mindset gets women started in thinking about big-picture financial issues like money management in their various life stages, investing habits and self-education on personal finance. This is a treasure chest of advice and productivity tips on how to be more successful! It’s a true success mindset guide and tips for women. Productivity is the how-to on maximising value of working hours, investments and lifestyle budgets. Increase financial productivity with this guide just for women with the advice of women who have made life-changing decisions in the way they work. Inspirations spotlights successful women and organizations and their impact on modern-day business, politics, science, human rights and the arts. This is an inspirational financial guide for women because their motivational stories can touch every woman deep down inside and become her motivation to create her own pathway to success and inspiration. Relationships addresses financial issues arising specifically within women’s relationships with family and life partners and dating relationships. There is lots of advice for building positive relationships and tips on dealing with money management topics while dating. This is the ultimate financial relationship guide! Beauty & Fashion presents advice on looking good within a sensible budget. Great looks and fashionable style don’t have to be expensive, as this beauty & fashion financial guide goes to show. The Food & Health guide and tips is a collection of advice on health and wellbeing. It addresses everything from financially-sustainable grocery shopping to self-sustainable good health habits and budget-conscious personal care money management. Opinions is the editorial section pulling together discussions of some of the choices available today on the financial, legal and real estate scenes. This financial opinions guide and tips explores new perspectives in a variety of areas and may well be a game-changer for intelligent money-conscious women.

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