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The stuff of nightmares can hit any woman, anytime. Unforeseeable events may trigger the sudden loss of a job. The New Savvy explores the pitfalls and opportunities that unemployment spawns in articles on finding a new job, earning money creatively while unemployed and dealing with the stress that unemployment precipitates. Financial missteps over the course of time can lead to a bankruptcy situation. Find out the process of declaring bankruptcy, how bankruptcy affects personal finances and the legal background that defines how debts and assets are handled by financial institutions. Unemployment means more than just a loss of income. When it’s an involuntary situation, unemployment may also be coupled with a loss of self-confidence. The New Savvy offers the advice and support any woman needs to get back on her feet after a professional disaster. Read up on tips for preparing a first-class resume, using social networking to identify that new job, sourcing employment websites and going through an online application process. Increase the efficiency of that job search by learning what types of job postings and recruiters to avoid. Financially invested women will want to dig down further to know how to combat the effects of unemployment. The New Savvy can help answer your questions. How does one prepare financially for an unexpected layoff? How can a woman stay upbeat and motivated over a longtime period of unemployment? What are effective suggestions for maintaining crucial daily routines when one’s professional identity may be crumbling? How can a woman best deal with family tensions arising from an unemployment situation? A creative aspect of unemployment involves figuring out how to pay the bills when income is vastly reduced or nonexistent. The New Savvy will stimulate your thinking with unusual ideas on earning money by renting out or selling some of your nondescript possessions that may be worth gold to other people. For women who have hit rock bottom concerning their financial management, filing for bankruptcy may appear to be a real option. Do your research! Learn about the complexity of filing for bankruptcy and the lifelong effects that a filing today will have on a credit rating, employment opportunities and insurance premiums for decades to come. It would be misleading to think that it would be a perfect world if one’s debts were wiped out overnight. It’s also important to know one’s legal rights within the framework of marriage or committed relationship that is careening towards insolvency. In an ideal world, no woman would ever have to contemplate long-term unemployment or bankruptcy. You can approach that ideal, however, by staying in control of your income, your potential to earn and your ability to avoid catastrophic debt situations. Leave it up to The New Savvy to show you how.

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