Just as there have been incredible highs in your career, sometimes, even when you think you’ve planned it right, you find yourself out of a job. You will be plagued with financial anxiety, fear of the future and obviously, a degree of panic. While it’s easier to say, “You go girl!”, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay that you’ve got this period, and you should take a more positive perspective on the situation.

Unemployment Survival Tips

Perhaps, you’d want to follow these simple 6 steps to make the most of your time off during unemployment:

  • Get Your Paperwork In Order
    First and foremost, this is a time to get paperwork and situational aspects of unemployment in order. Any paperwork acquired during the termination should be kept in a file for any future use necessary. Prepare for times of financial stress by compiling a list of possible assistance with basic daily needs located in your area.Discuss with family members budgeting and create an action plan to keep spending at a minimum. If you are married, it is important to refrain from placing all of the burdens on them financially and emotionally and bear in mind their feelings during this time.
  • Rebuild Your Resume and Career Goals
    Begin to rebuild a new resume and plan of action to obtain future employment. Take time to self-reflect and ask yourself about your future aspirations. These may include such questions as “Do I want to continue in this particular field or explore new possibilities?” Consider your passions and take this time of unemployment as the potential to turn interests or hobbies into a steady income by changing career directions.
  • Cherish Quality Time
    Enjoy some downtime with friends and loved ones. Although finances may be tight, there are many ways to enjoy inexpensive or free activities with friends. Lists of over 100 activities to enjoy with friends on the weekend that are free can be found for inspiration. These include watching podcasts, engaging in free activities through the local community or public library and taking a walking tour of your area.Window shopping in the markets is another excellent and inexpensive way to get in some downtime before returning to work. Being frugal and creative can lead to new, exciting activities that will not only save money but keep spirits high after a termination.
  • Seek Freelance Opportunities
    Work in freelance to supplement income. There are over 50 ways to freelance that will earn a reasonable income while unemployed and plenty of web building companies and build in Freelance Support Apps that allow freelancers to work from virtually anywhere.These include freelance writing through websites such as Odesk.com where beginners can obtain steady work. Post skills ads in local advertising venues to acquire clients for your particular skill. Consider taking classes to either gain a new skill for freelancing or build on an existing one. Depending on the previous field of employment, many of the obtained job skills are of use to individuals outside the industry.More on how to Work From Home -Freelancing Online.
  • Start A Business
    Research suggests starting your company while unemployed. There is no better time to take action on an idea for running a business of your own than during a time of unemployment. While you may have to plan finances down to the nitty gritty, there are no distractions or work commitments during this downtime to prevent an individual from pursuing ideas that may lead to a successful company shortly.Many companies, including Microsoft, began in basements, home offices and garages. With enough dedication and persistence, you can start an entirely new professional path.
    Here is How To Setup A New Company In Singapore.
  • Improve Your Skills
    It is important to avoid gaps in employment after a termination. Freelancing and company startups are great conversation pieces during an interview if approached from the aspect of learning experiences. This is a great time to consider vocational courses or college for a continued education in the current field or for exploration of something new.

While it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself, keeping active and positive are two keys strategies to getting through a rough financial period when you’re jobless. Find creative ways to fill your time and stay on a schedule to avoid the downward spiral of depression that can become a possibility when you lack purpose in your daily life. Even in circumstances when the unemployment is due to a physical ailment, there are still many activities that can be engaged for keeping busy and will even assist in maintaining a positive attitude

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