There is a lot of emphasis and stress leading up to your wedding day. They don’t call it your “big day” for nothing after all. But despite all the drama, sweat and tears, it’s definitely one of the days in your life you’d look back fondly.
Singapore weddings range from simple to over-the-top lavish, with an option for every budget and type of wedding you can imagine. Whether you want to get married on an exotic beach, a luxury hotel, an old church or your favourite restaurant, Singapore has a little something for everyone.

Wedding Costs In Singapore

The Bare Minimum, And What’s Beyond

The truth is, you can marry for as little as a hundred Singapore dollars if you cover the basics and register with the Registry of Marriage (ROM). All you have to do is pay the fee to have the wedding solemnised to make it official.

However, most couples want their wedding to be an experience of a lifetime and reflect their personalities as much as their budget will allow. The most basic wedding costs in Singapore will set you back about $1,500, which will get you the bare minimum in terms of clothing, food, entertainment and a photographer. The price rapidly increases based on the venue you select and how extravagant you want the ceremony to be.

Typical Chinese Singaporean wedding banquets charge by the table, so prices can add up quickly if you’re not careful. 6-8 guests occupy each table, so plan on a minimum of $100 per guest, and up to $500 per guest at some of the fancier establishments. You will be hard pressed to find any decent food for less than $600 per table of 6 guests.

Although globalization has raised the price of Singapore weddings, especially with an influx of foreigners taking part in ceremonies, traditional Singapore weddings can still be had for $100.

For some, this is only realistic as there are many families surviving on less than $1000 per month.  Options are still aplenty as some prefer a ‘void deck wedding’, which carries a lot of tradition and also a reasonable price tag.  So whether you’re going traditional or lavish or local to exotic, there is still something for everyone in Singapore.

Wedding Venues in Singapore and Their Costs

Restaurant Wedding in Singapore:

Singapore Bridal found that the median cost for a ‘Restaurant Wedding’ is $750 per 15 people, ideal for a small wedding venue.  And that’s just for the good food and ambience. Restaurant weddings can quickly jump up in price, as there is a bevvy of fine dining and luxury hotel options in Singapore. The average wedding restaurant will cost anywhere from $5,000 – $35,000 once other expenses, such as photographers, decorations, and entertainment are accounted for.

Hotel Wedding in Singapore:

Jason Lee, an event manager from the W Hotel in Singapore, says the average cost to rent a banquet room for a wedding totals $20,000. On the less expensive front, you can rent a reception area at the Grand Banquet hotel in Singapore starting at $3,500.  Again, there are options for every budget.  Wedding planners should have no problem booking a wedding hotel in Singapore as there is such a vast number of hotels to choose from.

Void Deck Wedding in Singapore:

By far the least expensive option or the cheapest wedding venue and also the choice for couples seeking a more traditional Singapore wedding experience.  Avoid deck is the lower level area attached to many residential apartment buildings.  Typically, these house many types of events, but none more popular than weddings. The void decks have been a long standing tradition for families and are still the preferred venue for many locals. Prices can start as low as $50, but you have to think about expenses that you incur when you add food, entertainment, rental costs for tables and chairs and other miscellaneous decor that you might want to have. It is the most affordable wedding venue in Singapore.

For those who are looking to be married in a religious venue, you can consider the choices below. However, do note of all the restrictions and be mindful of being respectful in a place of worship.

Church Weddings in Singapore:

Church Weddings can offer some of the most beautiful, and spiritual, wedding experiences at a reasonable cost.

Most often, the church or cathedral will not charge to the user their premises for the solemnisation. For example, St. Andrews Church of Singapore allows members to use its facilities free of charge. It is important to keep in mind that waiting lists can be long – sometimes more than one year – so this option is often best for those with time to plan their ceremony.  Although some will offer their services for free, Church weddings can also come with a hefty fee. The average Church wedding costs in Singapore can be anywhere from $5,000 – $7,500 depending upon the location. Some sought-after Churches can carry fees as high as $10,000.

Mosque Wedding in Singapore:

Mosque weddings are very popular and can typically cost between $350-900 for the solemnization ceremony. Do consider if these include the rental of tables and chairs and audio video equipments

Temple Wedding in Singapore:

The Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple costs $250 per hour with a seating capacity of $300. There is also a wedding package available for $2400.

Where Do I Start?

You can put together a wedding on your own, with a consultant or a ‘wedding planning company’. It is very typical to purchase a ‘package wedding’, which includes everything from the limousine to dressing the bride and groom, the ceremony, and entertainment.

Typical wedding costs in Singapore packages start at around $10,000 and can range up to $60,000. Whatever your budget, it is important to decide what is the most important to you, and then make it happen within your budget constraints. Sometimes the best memories cost the least, but always know that Singapore is ready to accommodate any price range, including the lavish, big spenders.  So, have fun, make a budget – and stick to it – to save some for the fun once marriage begins.

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