Getting hitched means you’re ready to be by your husband to be’s side through European sojourns and flu season, but does this union say that you agree to take responsibility for their bad credit as well?

Obviously talking about finance is the last thing on your mind. Before you freak out when you’re in a financial frenzy, here are a few points on credit scores that should help ease your mind and, your loved ones too.

Two Become One?

So, since the two of you have united as one, then it must mean so have your credit histories? Luckily, this is not the case – marriage does not result in a joint credit score or credit report. Yes, even if you change your last name.

This aspect will remain dependent on you or your spouse’s financial decisions. The only possibility credit scores will change together is if the two of you both have your name on a mortgage or other line of credit.

Ok, now what?

So you and your spouse will have separate credit scores. Now you may wonder if you could be affected by your partner’s bad credit or vice versa; again being married will not have an adverse impact on your credit.

However, the financial decisions you make together can. For example, if you decide to co-sign for a mortgage, car loan or sign up for a joint account, the history will be on each of your credit reports. If one of you have bad credit, it will only affect your chances of being approved and qualifying for low-interest rates.

Keep in mind, if one of you max out on a line of credit or do not make payments accordingly on a joint account, then it will affect both of your credit scores. As a couple, both of you should maintain responsible financial habits, to ensure that it does not damage the other financially and be the cause of any martial hardships. Traditionally, after marriage, most couples combine their separate accounts into joint accounts. Although many follow through with this gesture, it does not mean that you and your partner are automatically required to do so.

What to do now

Make sure to discuss accounts, financial history, and future goals thoroughly and most importantly make sure that you can come to an agreement together. In marriage, for several reasons, being able to sit down and make plans for the future is a definite way to strengthen the relationship; especially if any financial hurdles are temporarily in the way.

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