Pro-Tips to Learn about marriage:

  1. Marriage does not always equate to “happily ever after.”
  2. “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s a compromise that moves us along.” – Maroon 5

There will come a time when a woman will want to settle down, get married, and build her own happy family. Realistically speaking, it’s not always that easy to maintain a marriage. Since marriage is a legal contract between two people who agreed to share responsibilities and ownership, it is not something you should just do out on a whim.

Not everyone is ready to get married. There are some indicators that will prove that someone is ready to get married. And we’re not just talking about love here. Like it or not, money is a critical instrument in maintaining a healthy and happy marriage.

5 Signs You Are Financially Ready to Get Married

What are the signs that you’re financially ready to get married?

You can manage and commit to your own financial plan.

Before actually working with a partner with your joint finances, you must prove yourself first that you can handle your own. It will be a great disservice to your partner if you can’t even take charge of your own expenses.

When you work with your partner, you two try your best to ease each other’s burden. At the very least, you must be able to stick with your budget for fixed expenses, have a separate fund for your investments, support another fund for lifestyle upgrades, pump up a fund for your taxes, and maintain your own fun fund. You can even teach your partner to set up his own financial plan.

You don’t mind sharing expenses with another person.

Truth be told, there are individuals who are just not comfortable with sharing expenses with another person. There are instances when it would feel very uneasy when you have to have another person pay half of your bill for something only you will benefit from.

Some reasons for this uneasy feeling may be distrust or just plain pride. These feelings have to go if you want to be ready for marriage because expense-sharing will happen for the rest of your married life.

You don’t let money become the binding force of your relationship.

Money is just the tool, not the goal. There are many cases when married couples end up divorced or with their marriages annulled because of money issues. It can be due to budget mismanagement, secret debt issues, lack of income from one person or both, or more financial responsibilities, courtesy of the extended family.

When you enter a relationship, you must be ready to accept and shoulder some of your partner’s burden. If this does not work, try teaching your partner how to solve his own problems but never make him feel like he’s alone in facing them.

Take note that the relationship is more important than the money. The money will come if you work together for the same reasons and the same goals.

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You can trust your loved one with your money with no hesitations.

Are you comfortable with letting another person handle your money? There will be an instance that you will have to be comfortable with it, especially when you realize that you yourself have money management problems.

If you are an impulsive buyer or have no patience in finding the cheapest quality products around, you may want to ask help from your partner, who must be at least better than you in managing expenses.

You plan your finances with your partner in line with your goals as a couple.

If you want to have a lasting married life, you and your partner will have to grow together. People change, and the worst thing that can happen to a couple is to grow separately to the point that you two won’t recognize each other anymore.

Growing together is a choice, and a part of that choice is planning where to spend your money as a couple. This is a must if you want to avoid bad financial mistakes. You two must be able to support both individual goals and prioritize couple goals since getting married means acting as one unit with one life and same life goals.

If you and your partner are planning to settle down, this would be a good checklist for you.  There will be times that you will feel you cannot even enjoy the fruit of your own hard work.

However, a lasting marriage requires discipline and trust. Being disciplined about money together and trusting each other about decisions regarding your finances as a couple will be one of the key foundations of your dream married life.

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