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Marriage Advice For Women, Marriage Matters & Pre-Marriage Tips Tying the knot is inarguably an important turning point in a woman’s financial life. There is the often massive one-time expense of the wedding. Then there are the outcomes of the legalities associated with marrying. From one day to the next, you and your spouse have merged not only your household but most likely your finances as well. The New Savvy can provide marriage advice and show you how everything changes as well as what you should watch out for to keep your financial house in order. Your dream wedding requires careful budgeting. The New Savvy guide to wedding costs and marriage addresses all the salient points that you’ll need to consider in thinking about your wedding spend. There are so many factors to keep in mind, everything from venue rental to the rings, gowns and tuxes, banquet, photography and more. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to create a budget that is affordable for you and your spouse-to-be. Discover how to apply many fine tips like saving up in advance, shopping smartly for a wedding planner and enlisting the creative talents of your friends and family members. But also consider the more far-reaching financial consequences of marriage. From one day to the next, there are now two of you sharing the expenses of running one home, most likely supported by two incomes. Going forward you will be collaborating in your decisions about money matters. Perhaps you’re saving up for a house purchase, a massive financial investment that requires careful planning. The two of you will likely consider how to continue building your retirement nest egg. In many cases, a married couple is also looking to format their joint financial holdings without lining the pockets of the tax-man. This guide is a terrific resource summing up the legal rights, benefits and entitlements that can help boost your financial standing. Structuring an overall financial plan in marriage that is both robust and flexible requires you to put some basic arrangements into place. Decisions about joint accounts, taking on a spouse’s debt or how to best save and invest money all need to be addressed. Some couples even insure themselves against a worst-case scenario and craft a prenuptial agreement before the ceremony. This financial guide to wedding costs and marriage advice for women describes all these considerations as well as some that may be less obvious. The crux of every good financial move within a marriage is constructive communication between spouses. Perhaps the money you spend on fashion and beauty seems excessive to your husband. Maybe you’re not comfortable with his wish to tuck away more money for retirement than for the children’s education. It’s easy to learn in this volume of marriage advice how to bring up delicate money matters, discuss them and work towards outcomes that both you and your spouse support. Depend on The New Savvy to address the financial topics that married couples need to understand. Wedding costs, household budgets, retirement funds, life insurance and creating a common money strategy are all part of the mix that you’ll find here.

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