Getting divorced is an emotional affair. You need to get legal counsel as soon as possible. Your attorney may not always tell you what you want to hear. However, it is important to remember that your attorney is doing his best in guiding you towards the best possible outcome based on his considerable experience in dealing with similar cases.

  1. Interview Several Marriage Law Or Divorce Attorneys Before Choosing One

The two most important factors to consider when hiring an attorney are his expertise and your comfort level with him. He has to have considerable knowledge as well as experience in cases similar to yours. Also, you need to be comfortable with him as you will be working together throughout a long, difficult and emotional legal process.

However, another practical factor to consider when choosing an attorney is their rate. Ask about their hourly rate, as well as the frequency at which to expect invoices that detail their hourly fees. Some of the most experienced attorneys may charge $100.00 to $200.00 as a consultation fee depending on their expertise.

  1. Tackle Important Issues With Your Attorney

With the help of your divorce attorney, you can find solutions for different issues related to divorce as alimony, maintenance, custody of children, and property division among others.

Alimony refers to the legal obligation of a person to provide financial support to his spouse before or after the divorce. In Singapore and other countries, this is referred to as maintenance. Usually, the period of maintenance payments lasts until the spouse or ex-spouse either dies or remarries another party. In order to arrive at the amount of maintenance payments, the court will take into consideration factors such as the age, financial standing and earning capacity of both spouses as well as any child that needs to be supported.

When discussing issues with your attorney, one of the most crucial things to tackle is custody of children. Custody of the children involvescare, control and access to them. When undergoing a divorce, children are usually the most affected party. Remember to carefully consider their feelings and welfare.

Other ancillary matters include the division of matrimonial assets such as the matrimonial home and other properties. In order to make a decision regarding the division of matrimonial assets, the court will take into consideration several factors. These factors include the extent of contributions thatyou and your spouse have made in terms of money, properties and workin order to acquire the assets. The factors also include any debts of you and your spouse as well as the needs of any children below 18 years old.

  1. Ask Advices From Your Attorney Regarding Important Documents To Gather

There are many documents that you need in order to support your claims regarding ancillary matters in the court. These documents may includeCPF statements, Income Tax records and other documents related to your assets.

While gathering these documents, do not hesitate to ask your attorney to evaluate which documents are needed and which documents are not.

  1. Do Not Hesitate To Ask Your Attorney Some Questions

Feel free to ask your divorce attorney about any legal term or procedure during your meetings. Your attorney is there to guide you throughout the entire ordeal.

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