For your child’s birthday party, you want a fun and memorable celebration that will make him/ her the happiest kid around. Involve your child in the preparations to build up his / her excitement for the big day.

1. Party Theme

What’s your child’s favourite cartoon, movie or TV character? Whatever he / she enjoys watching for a long time would make a great birthday party theme since it’s likely a favourite too among other kids.

2. Venue

If your home is not a good venue for a children’s party (too small), consider other alternatives like your condo building’s function rooms, kid-friendly restaurants, recreation centers, indoor playgrounds or party venue rentals. Older kids would be thrilled to have a birthday party held in outdoor adventure camps or theme parks.

3. Guest List and Invitations

Ask your child who he / she wants to invite to the party. Invite cousins, classmates, playmates, and also your close friends’ children.

Buy or make your own party invitations with your child, or send out an online invitation. Include all the details of the party including date, time, venue and party theme. Don’t forget special instructions like if the kids need to dress up in a particular theme, or if you’re having a pool party and the kids need to bring a swimsuit, and also an RSVP date and your phone number.

4. Party Menu and Cake

A working mom with limited time doesn’t need the stress of having to prepare the party food on her own. Think of the convenience of party catering. Whether you have a big or small number of invitees, you can choose from a large food selection from a catering menu. You can’t go wrong when you include kids’ favourites like pizza, mac and cheese, chicken fingers or hot dogs, and dessert staples like ice cream and cupcakes.

And what’s a birthday party without a cake? Know what cake flavour your child wants and order a custom-made birthday cake that follows the party theme.

5. Activities

Choose age-appropriate activities and games. Pacing is important so the kids won’t tire or get bored easily. Divide the party into 10- to 15-minute blocks, with a new activity for each block. You could play Twister and other games, have a pinata, or a craft table. Have game prizes ready to encourage kids to participate. If there’s space for it, a bouncy castle or slide and also a photo booth would bring loads of fun for everyone! Make sure to keep watch of the children at all times.

6. Hiring an Entertainer

Aside from clowns and magicians that are classic options for children’s parties, other choices for kiddie party entertainment include professional storytellers, puppeteers, face painters, balloon artists or dancing mascots.

7. Gift Bags and Favours

Kids look forward to their colourful party loot bags with assorted candies and inexpensive knick-knacks inside like stickers, hair clips and pencils. Match items to the party theme and ages of the children.

Is the thought of all the detailed preparations you need to make for your child’s birthday party giving you a major headache? Hire Delegate’s party planners and vendors so you and your child need only to show up at the party and have a rockin’ good time.

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