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The New Savvy looks at the topic of children from A to Z. A woman’s decision to have children brings with it questions about the financial impact of raising a family. There are the medical costs of prenatal care and the delivery itself, baby equipment, childcare, education and tuition, as well as the potential change in household income should a mother leave the workforce. Here are also many savvy tips on instilling good money management habits in the next generation – The New Savvy discusses financially foresightful motherhood tactics too. From the first seeds of thought about potential motherhood, through pregnancy, birth and raising a child, a woman will find her life impacted financially. She may be thinking about whether the family can make ends meet if she takes several months off work or even decides to stop working altogether to care for her child. Pregnancy brings many potential money-spending pursuits, everything from buying maternity clothes to pre-natal classes, medical screenings and outfitting the nursery. The birth of a child usually means a hospital visit, or a stay of some days, so delivery costs need to be factored into a young family’s budget. As a baby grows into a toddler, and then a child, so does the wants and wishes grow. Toys, clothing, schoolbooks and appetites increase, as will the expenditure you make over the 18 years or more that it will take to raise that child to be an independent earner. A motherhood will tell you that having children has enriched their life. But for anyone who is not a parent, there may be shades of grey in the proposition of parenthood. That’s why this motherhood guide and advice manual is here. Written by women, for women, it is a platform to learn more about the experience of being a mother and how children affect our financial thinking. The sheer number of thoughts that spring up after a pregnancy test reads positive is huge. There’s so much to organise and think about during those euphoric nine months – and this guide covers them all. It offers ideas on preparing yourself financially for the baby’s delivery. Every woman needs to know her basic rights regarding the length of maternity leave, benefits retention and perhaps even salary paid during her leave. Read about them here. As children grow, their financial needs change, and it’s essential that parents know what they’re getting into. There will be fun craft classes, music lessons (which might reveal the next Beethoven), school fees, birthday parties and many more expenditures for which parents will be shelling out. Once mothers have their own financial priorities set, the next step is to look ahead. With an eye to a future generation of smart money managers, The New Savvy’s guide speaks to parent’s enforcement of positive financial behaviour as they role-model for their kids. Developing smart savings habits is one of the best teachings a parent can give a child.

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