Investing in Real Estate in Singapore & Learning to Profit (Part 2)


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In the last 8 years since 2008 where easy monetary policy has been a mainstay,
investors have been on the search for yield. In the immediate years on easy credit and
cheap loans, we saw the stocks market inflating, gold reaching its lifetime high, as well
as real estate making a comeback.

While the global economy en route out of the economic crisis, markets are less than
stable. The economic outlook for major countries such as the United States, Eurozone
and China continue to be lacklustre, with the recent Brexit and terrorist threats creating
a cautious climate for investing.

However, smart investing is about the ability for your assets to weather through tough
times, making it different from trading to take advantage of short-term volatility or
taking on unnecessary risk.

In this aspect, real estate has stood out as an investment worth pursuing. But first,
we'll talk about what you need to consider before putting your money into any

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