It’s 6:30 pm, you’re on the train home, blankly staring at the relentless peak hour crowd trying to squeeze in from every station. Suddenly, a passing thought makes you panic. Will I be able to acquire enough money to live comfortably? Would that mean I would have to work for the rest of my life?

The New Savvy Singapore Investment Week 2018 Build your Portfolio, Achieve your Dreams

If these thoughts have crossed your minds before, you are not alone. In fact, in April 2018, The Straits Times reported that almost 50% of Singapore’s millionaires worry that their wealth will not fully cover all their expenses. This is mostly “due to the rising costs of healthcare” which these high net worth individuals picked as “their top choice for long-term investment opportunities”.

Yet, the average working adult typically clocks in overtime hours, risking their health in the progress. The Working Hours Survey by recruitment consultancy, Morgan McKinley, reported that Singaporeans “work the longest hours in the world, with the average worker clocking in 2,371.2 hours in 2016”.

The country’s millionaires’ biggest worry is healthcare – however, the average working Singaporeans tend to overlook such an important life aspect. In a high paced, high-cost country such as Singapore, the fear of “being broke” is instilled in each and every individual’s mind from a very early age.

What society does not realize is that there is another way to grow wealth – through investing smartly.

The New Savvy Singapore Investment Week 2018 Build your Portfolio, Achieve your Dreams

Although it is highly recommended to invest as early as you can, it is never too late to start right now. Instead of fearing the unknown, don’t worry! There are numerous ways that a potential investor, such as yourself, can learn more about the current state of the Singapore market.

In this day and age, investing has never been easier. Online brokerages able individuals to build investment portfolios from their phones! However, if you feel as if this type of technology is still a tad too advanced for your investment journey. You can participate in conferences that help you explore and identify your investment opportunities.

Singapore Investment Week is an Investor Education Campaign that is free for all to attend. With seven consecutive years under its belt, the campaign will be held from 19 May to 2 June 2018.

Organized by Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS), a charity organization focusing on Investors Educations and Rights, the campaign aims to educate Singaporeans about the importance of investing and planning for their financial goals. How might you ask? Through the following key pointers:

1. Get Educated – Singapore Investment Week offers suitable topics for both Novice and Savvy Investor

2. Be Equipped – The campaign will help you gain the knowledge needed for each of your financial needs

3. Learn & Network – Hear from SIAS’ panel of experts on various investing strategies

Through workshops, seminars and networking opportunities, the public is able to access exclusive learning platforms that will teach you how to build an investment portfolio and achieve your financial dreams!

Some topics covered include Financial Planning, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Gold Investing, Value Investing and even Family Planning.

Additionally, if you are a Millennial, with minimal monthly income, we still got you covered! Take note of the event on 2 June 2018, where you are able to hear advice from leading names in the finance world but even stand a chance to win CapitaLand vouchers!

So instead of exhausting yourself by staying in the office through the wee hours of the night or stressing over budgeting your monthly income, learn how to invest! There are countless of markets, stocks, and bonds that are within your reach. All you have to do is identify your investment risk tolerance and get to know the markets better.

Financial Freedom is not achieved through being cooped up for the rest of your life in a cubicle. Financial Freedom is a result of knowing how to manage your finances and eventually, being able to invest, build your portfolio and achieve your dreams!

If you are keen on participating, the programme can be browsed here.

We hope to see you there! Get Savvy, Get Investing!

More about SIAS:

The New Savvy SIAS logoSIAS is a Charity and an Institution of Public Character (IPC), and the largest organized investor group in Asia, with almost 71,000 retail investors as members. It is run by an elected Management Committee comprising of professionals who are volunteers. It actively promotes Investor Education, Corporate Governance, and Transparency and is the advocate for Investor rights in Singapore.

SIAS will be launching the Singapore Investment Week (SIW) which will fall on the 19th 27th May 2018 with the theme “Build your portfolio, Achieve your dreams.”

SIW aims to educate novice and savvy investors throughout the week-long programme. This initiative is organized yearly with the aim to help Singaporeans understand key investment principles and to raise the awareness on the importance of investing to grow and secure one’s financial future.

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