Exploring the World of Stocks with SGX My First Stock Carnival, The REITs Race & StockFacts 

SGX My First Stock Carnival aims to educate investors to make better decisions.

Making investments is an essential prerequisite if you want to grow your money and get rich. If you are one of those afraid of it because of the risk of losing, you have to accept that taking risks is part of it. You have no control over them but your investing and financial decision-making are different matters. The first step to making the right investments is educating yourself on the various principles behind investments and the market as well as helpful advice on what to do and what not to do.

One of the common alternatives when it comes to investments is investing in stocks. However, learning about it does not always mean having to enrol in classes or attend boring lectures that can get too technical.

This is where the My First Stock Carnival by Singapore Exchange (SGX), and the REITs Race jointly organised by SGX and REIT Association of Singapore (REITS), enters the picture. This is perfect for those who want to explore the world of stocks, the techniques and principles involved, and the advantages of starting to invest early in a fun, interactive way. Sounds interesting? Do read on to know more about the event.

SGX My First Stock Carnival is an excellent opportunity for us to reach out to new investors and help them embark on their investment journey. The Investor Roadmap, guidebook and mobile app are useful tools for investors to select the most appropriate stocks for their investment objectives.” -Lynn Gaspar, SGX Head of Retail Investors

SGX My First Stock Carnival, The REITs Race & StockFacts
Flagging off The REITs Race by Lynn Gaspar, Singapore Exchange Head of Retail Investors and Intermediaries (lady in the centre) and Sonny Tan, REITAS Chief Executive Officer (to Lynn’s left, holding the REITs Race flag)

#SGXmyfirststock: What You Should Know at SGX My First Stock Carnival

My First Stock Carnival 2016, organized by SGX and REITAS is a fun-filled weekend carnival for those who want to explore the world beyond employment and owning a business. In part, it is also to promote and strengthen the REIT industry in the country by opening doors to new, potential investors and providing you with investment opportunities to explore and try.

SGX and REITAS already partnered up in the past in holding and facilitating seminars on investing; however, this is the first one that targets such significant number of audience and makes use of highly enjoyable interactive activities instead of one-way communication in the form of lecture/seminars.

What is probably great to hear is you can invite as many friends, family, schoolmate, and colleagues (especially those of 18 years of age and above) to go with you to the carnival. It is also an excellent way to introduce the younger ones and students in the family to another alternative in investments and of course, generating income in the future.

And what’s the better news? Admission to the event is free!

SGX My First Stock Carnival, The REITs Race & StockFacts

The event will be held on May 7th (Saturday) and 8th (Sunday), 2016 and starts at 11 am and ends at 9 pm. The carnival is strategically located in central Singapore, Ngee Ann Civic Plaza. This is to invite more audience to different profile and age – young and senior professionals, interns, housewives, employees of various companies, college students, and families.

You can access the carnival’s 2-day program and official page through this link. You will see that most of the topics for Day 1 are different from the 2nd; it is for this reason that we highly encourage participants to attend both days of the carnival.

Do spread the word and invite your connections online using the hashtag #SGXmyfirststock!

Equities 101: How to Invest in the Stock Market

SGX My First Stock Carnival, The REITs Race & StockFacts
Completing The REITs Race tasks – participating team taking wefie outside Ocean Financial Centre (managed by Keppel REIT)

What to Expect at SGX My First Stock Carnival

You are probably wondering what topics will be explored and what kind of advice you will be getting. Let us help you out a little. Here are some things that will be talked about and the things you will see inside the carnival:

  • Reasons to invest

People have common misconceptions about investing, and these usually lead people away from trying it out. Correct your misinformed notion and know why you should make investments soon.

  • Setting goals

More than anything, success in stocks requires you to have goals, both small and big.

  • Types of first investment products

One of the first important things you should know is that there are different products you can purchase as a form of investment. Get to know the ups and downs of each during the talks and activities in the carnival.

  • Investor Resources

Take it from experienced Roadmap and StockFacts investors.

  • Brokers’ booths

Visit the different booths installed inside that showcase online trading program. You can also meet experienced brokers and heed to their knowledge and wisdom on the job.

Here are also some of the highlights that you should watch out for:

  • The free goodie bag that can help you get started on your investing journey
  • Different games and activities from which you can win gift prizes
  • Get to try out StockFacts yourself
  • Talk to the organizer’s industry partners and retail brokers to learn from their past experiences and vast knowledge on the field
  • A Kids Corner to keep the little ones occupied and entertained as you participate in the carnival’s activities

SGX REITs Race 2016

Noticed how we encouraged you to invite as many people as you can? This is because you can enjoy this special highlight in the carnival in big teams. On the first day of the carnival (May 7th, Saturday), the first-ever REITS Race will be held. Interested in joining? Here are some qualifications:

  • Form teams of 3 to 6 members (at the most).
  • Participants should be aged 18 to 60 years old.

There will be a total of 5 pitstops. In each stop, your teamwork and how much you know on SGX REITs will be put to the test. The race will definitely a learning experience as well, especially for those who are new to stocks and investment.

Not only will you have the opportunity and venue to learn and know more about stocks; you will also have the chance to win prize money! With over S$6000 of prize money for the top 10 winners, the first winner will earn S$2500!

6 Investment Risks Every Investor Should Know

SGX My First Stock Carnival, The REITs Race & StockFacts
Completing The REITs Race tasks – participating team using SGX StockFacts to retrieve information for the REITs-related quizzes

No need to worry if you are wondering what exactly you are signing up for if you do join the race. The organizers made sure you will not be encountering those pitstops without briefing you on how the race or game works, what you have to do, and what you are not allowed to do.

Below is the schedule of the REITS Race:

  • 12:15 PM: Check-in & Safety Briefing
  • 1:00 PM: Flag Off
  • 4:00 PM: End of Race
  • 4:30 PM: Convene at Civic Plaza
  • 5:00 PM: Prize Presentation

If you are planning on joining, register by clicking here. Provide the necessary information and sign up. There is no payment required to participate in the race, either!

How To Save Money, Get The Best Deals & Be A Smart Online Shopper

SGX StockFacts

Studying the movement of stocks and getting updated regularly was not as easy as it is now; many used to rely on the papers back when the Internet was not yet brought to existence to pass information and other data conveniently and almost effortlessly for them.

Today, even if we have Internet and Google to make things definitely easier for everyone with access, you will still need to look for good apps or websites that can provide reliable news, data, and other information on what you need. You will have to be careful with the data you will see and plan to use on the Internet, since anyone can easily upload false information, fake images/news, etc.

Thankfully, SGX has provided a big help to investors and those wanting to learn about stocks and the movement of their prices and the market in general with StockFacts. You can think of the website as your source of relevant information on SGX-listed companies and stocks and personal stocks screener, particularly as a potential investor.

What To Look Out For When Investing In Stocks?

SGX My First Stock Carnival, The REITs Race & StockFacts
Completing The REITs Race tasks – participating team finger-painting the façade of InterContinental Singapore (managed by Frasers Hospitality Trust), in the hotel premise

So that you know, SGX is the most international multi-asset exchange in Asia with listings of more or less 90% bonds and 40% companies from outside the country. Here are the other valuable features of StockFacts that make it very useful for investors and potential investors:

  • Instant Information: Access important information on SGX-listed companies and bonds hassle-free, with just a click. Because there is no more need to collect the papers and manually compile the data on stocks, companies, you can allow more time and focus your attention on analyzing the movement and strategizing long-term plans of investments.It also definitely makes strategizing easier as different data and information can be searched, gathered, and viewed at once with a computer and StockFacts on hand.
  • Highly Customizable: This does not only apply to doing your searches and their results but also your own “portfolio”.
  • Ease of Use: To easily navigate through the StockFacts website, you will find this guide.SGX My First Stock Carnival, The REITs Race & StockFacts

Here’s a brief guide to using StockFacts:

  • Choose between searching by the company or by stock code, or by setting criteria.
  • Edit Your Search Criteria: You can check out the lists of stocks based on criteria of your choosing (up to 5 criteria per search). There is a total of 20 different criteria to choose from including minimum and maximum total market cap, total revenue, P/E ratio, and dividend yield, and industry.
  • Look at the Company Snapshot: Read on the relevant information on the companies such as the overview, price performance, recent news, similar companies, industry tree, consensus estimates, and financial data. You can also see the last price and price history (or price chart) of the stocks.
  • Customize Results Display: Not only do you get to filter your search with the criteria you can choose from as provided by StockFacts. You can also filter the results of the search themselves.You can select 4 fields by ticking their corresponding boxes under the 4 headers provided by StockFacts, the headers being Market Data, Financials, and Valuation.

Check out this link to StockFacts to see the lists stocks and companies and start your search now.

Blue Chip, Small Cap and Micro Cap Stocks


*Photos taken at the REITs Race are provided by SGX post-event. These photos are properties of SGX.



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