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There’s a universe of international investment opportunity for women out there. The New Savvy presents a compendium of current resources to get women into the driver’s seat to start investing outside their own market especially stock market. Learn about popular global investments, economic cycles, worldwide market indices, what to look out for and mistakes to avoid when investing. It’s important to think strategically as borders melt away in our ever-shrinking world. This is one first-class guide on how to invest in the stock market. It’s written in language that every money-savvy woman understands. Featuring thoroughly researched, detailed information, The New Savvy offers a wealth of information destined to form the backbone of any well-organised woman’s international investment plan. Women will appreciate the encyclopaedic collection of details and tips about markets. This guide makes it easy to compare the apples-to-apples of investment opportunities in Asia as well as further afield, for example in the USA. If the Chinese market excites you, investing in Hong Kong can be an intriguing prospect. If you’re a fan of the American lifestyle, the United States stock market has opportunities galore. International markets differ in size, function and procedure. Work out which national indices to follow. When deciding where to invest, consider a “must learn about” checklist including establishing a brokerage account for local overseas trading, currency considerations, global time zones, market opening/closing hours, brokerage commissions and minimum order sizes. There’s plenty of eye-opening advice on trading resources and available, many of them online. Issues that demand each woman’s personal analysis include the timing of the buy/sell, the sectors of the market (e.g. technology, electronics, banking and financials, construction and chemicals) and how to diversify with various investment instruments so that your portfolio yields high returns. Get a feel for the right moves to make in the event of a market meltdown. While this investment guide does not provide advice on which stocks to acquire, or in which market or sector, it does succinctly explain what red flags to watch out for when investing. So get going today: identify and contract with a broker, check your own short- and long-term investment goals, make some initial investment decisions and dive right in. You’ll get addicted as you track your market’s gains in real time. Seeing your investment value grow over the course of time is a rewarding thrill – for your finances as well as your personal empowerment. The New Savvy opens the doors and accompanies you on your global investing journey.

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