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Equity Investment & Equities Investing Guide For Women Are you a woman who’s curious about the stock market, or already an old hand at equities investing? Either way, it’s a great place to be. Buying stock can be a fantastic way to make money through the dividends that successful organisations pay their shareholders. Properly timing the sale of shares you own can yield nice capital gains and bolster your personal financial worth. The New Savvy shows you how to get started and how to move ahead. Check us out for strategic investment planning advice, some tips on some of the “hot” companies that millennials love and a look into the mind of wealthy people who have made their fortunes in the market. Investment manoeuvres to help you maximise the return on your equities should be part of everyone’s overall stock market plan. This equities investing guide will show you how purchasing shares in a company that subsequently improves its performance will boost your financial standing. It also describes how easy it can be to lose money in the stock market, and emphasises the importance of diversifying an investment portfolio across industries, international markets and investment vehicles. There is a certain risk involved in investing in equities. No one can predict if a company will expand mightily into new markets, creating enormous new revenue channels or suffer sales losses due to unforeseen product contamination or even reckless decisions taken by its management executives. Global economic issues can also take their toll on the value of local companies’ shares. This guide can tell you how to prepare for and even avert a grave financial loss in situations as catastrophic as the Global Financial Crisis that was set off in 2008. It takes a lot of research, patience, vigilance and just a bit of experience to inhabit the world of equities investment. This equities investment guide aims to get you started on the right track. While it won’t tell you which companies’ shares you should buy, or whether technology, medical equipment or communications is the sector for this month’s optimal investment, it will guide you towards a strategy of making wise investment decisions in the stock market. It describes various international markets, enabling women to think well beyond their own local borders. Read up on practical step-by-step tips for finding a stockbroker, researching and analysing stock offerings, developing a balanced portfolio and – last but not least – become that much closer to being a millionaire! This equity investment guide will help you keep your strategic investment vision on track and give you some tools you need to reach your overall financial goals.  

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