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INVEST is the ultimate investment guide for women. Some women are seasoned investors; some are just looking to get into the market. No matter which one you are, this eye-opening collection of investing tips and advice will help. Many of us know that there’s extra money to be made by investing in the stock market. But all of us will have endless questions. Should investments be made in the domestic or international market? What kind of investment has the highest potential? This guide explains it all. The trick to picking the best investment strategy is understanding the different financial instruments available. Figuring out the right mix is important. INVEST delves into equities, stock markets, bonds, mutual funds, foreign exchange, commodities, derivatives, structured products and investment-linked insurance. Equities offer women new to the markets advice on how to start investing in the stock market and equities. It’s a little course on investment for women, showing how to stay profitable in the stock market and how to weather downturns. This is the equity investing guide women have always wanted. Markets is an encyclopaedic collection of information on international stock markets. Anyone looking to invest beyond their domestic borders will want to consult this guide on how to invest in the stock market – made just for women. Bonds. This bond investment guide and tips for women provide advice on the how-to of bond purchasing. Loaded with lots of great advice, it shows how to make smart decisions about the types of bond products and how they fit into a smart portfolio. Mutual Funds sheds light on how unit trusts work and what types of mutual funds are available. This mutual funds investing guide for women explains everything a girl needs to know about how mutuals works. Foreign Exchange spotlights currency investing for women. Known also currency exchange or Forex, Foreign Exchange discusses global exposure. This guide to foreign exchange and currency investing for women will open new perspectives for many. Commodities explores the myriad opportunities of investing in such diverse products as oil, gold and pork bellies. This commodities investing guide and tips for women sets the course to explore a vastly different investment strategy – one that many women don’t immediately consider. The experts’ advice and tips on getting into commodities investing are worth their weight in gold! Derivatives are securities whose value is “derived” from underlying assets. The world of derivatives trading may be shrouded in mystery or even unknown to many – and this derivatives investing guide and tips for women is a great place to start learning. Structured Products are a more sophisticated investment choice offering fixed terms but potentially fluctuating returns. This structured products investment guide for women explores the ins and outs, the potential risks and the “fine print” that should be part of every woman’s strategic thinking. Investment-linked insurance is a life insurance policy that yields returns during one’s lifetime. While it can be a challenge to think of an insurance premium being split to include an investment component, this section, the investment-linked insurance guide for women, is informative and empowering.

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