A Quick Guide To Start Planning Your Finances – Save Money, Earn More & Reach Your Financial Goals

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MONEY — We spend most of our lives earning it and yet have little understanding of how to make the most of it.

In this edition of The New Savvy's cheat sheet, we explore the 2 cornerstones imperative to financial planning: savings and budgeting.

This guide will help you set your financial goals, plan and work towards them. In this age of easy credit and reckless spending, becoming financially secure is increasingly unattainable. While graduate salaries continue to rise, the social pressure to spend more escalates
too. Unsurprisingly, the rate of spending may surpass the increase in income. The cautionary tale of the young professional maxing out his/her credit lines or being riddled with debt is becoming commonplace.

This cheatsheet aims to help you avoid that trap. Your future financial freedom is not determined by how much you earn but by the amount that you save. Money may only be a means to an end, entirely worthless in itself. However, having money will open up opportunities, new experiences and provide you a level of security.

Henry David Thoreau puts it beautifully, 'Wealth is the ability to fully experience life'. Money is certainly integral to create a life you desire.

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