Let’s Hang Out, Get To Know Each Other and… #SavvyUp ! :)

SUMMARY: If you’ve always wanted to learn about Finance, join me for a FREE 2-hour meetup weekly. I’m sharing with my financial knowledge and experience.  I’d love to know you better. No sales, no gimmicks! Details below. 

Complete this survey –> The New Savvy – Getting To Know You 

Hello you,

I started The New Savvy to empower women by taking charge of their finances. The response has been phenomenal, and it has brought me more joy than I can imagine. I’m always thinking what and how I can improve and help more women.

Most importantly, this thought had always been on my mind non-stop since I embarked on this journey –
How do I make YOU more interested in managing your finances? 

Many of you wrote to me, citing various reasons on why you are not as involved in your finances as you will like to be:
1) Fear – not sure where and how to start
2) Too many jargons, confusing
3) Need handholding
4) Lazy, busy and you just don’t care? 

As a way to encourage you to start your financial journey, I am devoting 2 hours every week to meet and share anything & everything I know about Finance.

What’s the catch, you ask? To be honest, NOTHING. It’s a crazy idea I had at 4 am.  I feel incredibly blessed in life and have learnt some skills to help overcome my financial difficulties. My hope is to share some of the things I have learnt with you and perhaps, inspire and help you too.

Who knows? I might be the one learning from you instead.

Consider it a safe place where we can have a fun girlie chat. You can ask me financial questions you’re afraid to ask, things you want to learn or just… any issues in general that you are concerned with or interested in. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

Of course, I don’t claim to know everything but I’ve invested for 10 years and sold financial products for 5.  We’ll see where the discussion takes us. Maybe, I could rope in some of my finance friends to share their knowledge with you too.

All I ask if that you open your hearts, share your concerns and take that elusive first step to being more financially savvy. If you can help me complete a survey and refer your friends, that’ll be awesome too.

**If this is of interest, here are the steps:

1) Fill up this The New Savvy – Getting To Know You survey so I know what your issues and preferences are.  

2) My team will email you the schedule and venue – only if you fill up the survey. I don’t want to spam you unnecessarily otherwise.

If you decide to come, inform us. My contact details will be in the email.  I look forward to meeting and knowing each and every one of you. : )

Here’s what you need to know:
1) It’s completely FREE— I am not affiliated with any financial institution. No sales, no gimmick.

2) I’m not selling anything – no products, no courses, no get rich scheme. NOTHING.
I’m not going to promise that you will make $XXX/day – that’s nonsense!

3) I have a structured curriculum that I can go through. Or, alternatively, we can do an informal Q&A style. I’ll leave it open, whatever you are comfortable with.

5) I won’t recommend any specific products to you. You shouldn’t take this as advisory session because it is NOT.

P.S: I normally charge a few hundred dollars hourly for consultation. So if you’ve signed up, please turn up! Let’s respect each other’s time. 🙂