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Why a women-focused website?

Women need different financial advice from men.
Women are at a fascinating juncture in history. We are earning more, progressing further in our careers yet still lagging behind men in financial literacy. Women control most of the household expenditure, yet we save and invest much lesser than men.
There is no shortage of financial media, yet they are mostly catered to men. Women Finance is a grossly under-served market. Most financial news is technical and boring. They don’t speak to women and form real emotional value. Women don’t want to know stock picks or technical analysis; we want to know how certain financial choices can better our life and improve our net worth.
Women want authentic advice that addresses our struggles. We want relevant insights that are tailored to our complex needs.
#SavvyUpTogether: 6 Women’s Financial Journey with Singapore’s Top Financial Bloggers
“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”
– Steve Maraboli

But….., Finance is not exactly what women are into?

Unfortunately, even in an age where women are breaking the income ceiling, many still believe that they need a man to take care of them and often leave their finances to their husbands or partners to figure out.
Most women are uncomfortable with money, manifesting it as disinterest. The New Savvy believes that most women are concerned with financial management. We’re here to tell you that you’re not the only one who’s lost on where to start taking charge of your finances. You don’t have to be afraid of money management!
Money is not everything but it gives you freedom and choice. Healthy financial habits provide security. Take actions to advance your net worth today!
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How can The New Savvy help you?

The New Savvy wants to be a platform that provides resources and information to demystify finance and spur financial consciousness. We focus on being valuable resources, while at the same time pushing boundaries and igniting change.
The New Savvy offers you what traditional and mainstream media fail to provide. We cater specifically to modern, independent-minded women who are ready and keen to make smarter decisions about their finances. Decisions that can and will transform your relationship with your finances — and change your life.
The New Savvy enables women of various ages, life stages, educational levels to find information and learn more about their finances. We tackle heavy and jargon-laden subjects like investment, taxes, insurance, breaking it down in a way that is easy and comprehensive so the average housewife, recent graduate, or retiree can understand and use this information to make better money decisions and become financially secure.
We want to make money interesting to women and transform women’s relationship with money.

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How do you maximise the benefits The New Savvy offers?

The New Savvy provides our users with innovative tools to accelerate your personal and professional lives and change the playing field. Take your time and…



An intuitive personal finance app to improve and assist you along your financial journey. We designed it to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

  • Budget & Expenses Tracking
  • Financial Goals Setting
  • Risk Assessment Test
  • How-to articles and step-by-step guides


The New Savvy is redefining financial and lifestyle education for women through bite-sized modules that are specifically catered to our users.

Our elearning app will also contain digital playbacks of our conferences and educational videos.


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The New Savvy flagship conference is an experiential carnival for women to learn, make meaningful connections and enjoy themselves. Inspiring thought leaders, leading investment professionals, respected business leaders, and industry disruptors to share investment, financial and career insights.

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We simplify financial concepts to suit the interests of women specifically.

A) Free Resources & Guides Library
We consolidated important topics of interest. Take your pick from our free e-books and financial guides!

B) Start with our Guide to Investments.
Start with our popular Quick Guide to Planning Your Finances. Or go back to basics with 101 guide to most questions you have on financial literacy. Begin your journey there and learn about money management, your risk appetite, different investment vehicles and more.

C) Videos & Interviews
Educational content that delight and entertain. Watch our financial videos on how to invest better or enjoy our in-depth interviews of inspiring people.

Join our community of ambitious, smart women who are redefining success on their own terms!

We are here to empower you to reach your true potential. We want to help you align your career aspirations you can achieve success on your own terms. It does not matter what stage you are in your life. You can be successful regardless of where you are.
The future is female, and you need to be ready.  We know just what you need to make it happen.

Got a burning question or feedback?

Let us know if you are curious about certain topics and we might write them for you. Or, if you want us to explore more/less of some ideas. 

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The New Savvy is a financial and career website that focuses on empowering women. We connect with a discerning, engaged readership by providing meaningful content.
Women are hailed as the world’s third largest “emerging market”, after China and India. A Boston Consulting Group survey concludes that by 2028, women will be responsible for about two-thirds of all consumer spending worldwide.
The New Savvy is the ideal platform to reach these select decision makers.
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We are constantly looking to create appropriate solutions and exciting opportunities to enhance our offerings and deliver more value to our community.
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"All women need to own their financial freedom to build a bright and a successful future, The New Savvy understood that and is providing the perfect platform to help them achieve that."

Mouna Aouri, Founder & Chief Momentum Officer, Woomentum

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“The New Savvy is instrumental in changing my money habits. It made me assess my financial situation and start learning how to manage my money. It’s my little black book for finance. ”
 Nadia, 38, Finance Manager
“The New Savvy is a thoroughly impressive platform with the best content I have seen to-date. The articles are interesting and very informative.”
Anisha, 32, Entrepreneur
“I used to dislike finance and I never looked at my spending habits and used to spend all my money shopping. The New Savvy stirred my interest in money management. Now, I am motivated to save and learn more. A huge fan of The New Savvy!”
Janet, 35, Marketing Director
“I’m an avid reader of personal finance and love your website. I bought my first stock last week after reading your article. The New Savvy has been transformational in the way I see finance!”
Qian Ning, mid-20s, Human Resource Executive

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