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Grow your skills across all aspects of your life & career.
Our award-winning courses include over 1,200 lesson modules, with concrete next steps to take you to the next level. Our award-winning webinars are used by top companies including Snapchat, NBC, Mashable, and Hearst as commisioned by the NYC Department of Education.

Career Course

Rise to the top of your field.

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Entrepreneurship Course

Go from concept to profitable reality.

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Personal Finance Course

Achieve financial security.

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Higher Education Course

Succeed thanks to training and degrees.

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Relationships Course

Grow your emotional intelligence.

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Beauty & Skincare Course

Achieve your best look inside and out.

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Health & Fitness Course

Invest in your long-term health.

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Travel Course

Make each journey empowering.

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Culinary & Nutrition Course

Expand your culinary skills.

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