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The US equity market, sometimes called stock market, has grown to be the biggest in the world.  If you want to trade equities quickly and easily the US market is a good place to start.  Because the US market is so big there are lots of choices of different equities to buy and sell and lots of different people for you to buy and sell with.  This characteristic is known as liquidity – you might hear people say the US stock market is very liquid and now you know what they mean.What to know before buying US equities?The two biggest US stock markets are:

  1. NYSE – New York Stock Exchange – the largest, most liquid
  2. Nasdaq – the next largest
When choosing which equities to buy and sell you will see that the majority of all trading takes place on these stock exchanges.  You do not need to worry too much about this detail as you can place your buy and sell orders with your broker and they will take care of the rest.

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Monitor your equity portfolio carefully and you are more likely to achieve higher returns on your investments. By checking all the incoming and outgoing transactions are correct as they take place you can focus more energy on researching your next investment idea – instead of wasting time later chasing up errors. 


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