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Thailand is an emerging industrialized economy and the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. Like other emerging markets in the region, it has large exposure to the Chinese economy. When the Chinese stock market crashed in August on Black Monday, the Thai baht fell to a six-year low. Trade between China and Thailand was expected trade to reach $100 billion in 2015.Thailand’s organized and regulated stock exchange is playing a growing role in regional Southeast Asian development by providing access to financing for companies and countries, such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Recent market reforms in Thailand and strengthening ties with China have improved fundamentals and increased long-term interest in Thai equities.Getting Started With Investing in Thailand SharesHow the Thailand Stock Exchange WorksThe Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) lists over 600 companies representing a market capitalisation of about $13 billion Thailand Bhat. The exchange, opened in 1975, is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Stocks trade in lots of 100 units of a security. SET is an automated trading platform that integrates with other trading platforms such as the NASDAQ.

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