In a 2012 survey conducted by Mindshare, a global media and marketing services firm, found that 72% of Singaporeans felt they “cannot afford to get sick due to high medical expenses.”

Even with insurance, government schemes such as Medisave and Medishield, one might be unable to cover all healthcare expenses.  Some insurance companies may also require you to pay the bills upfront first before filing the claim. In such situations, personal loans can be helpful in supplementing medical expenses.


A personal loan is an all-purpose, unsecured loan, more reliable than other loan types due to the wide range of needs that it can cover. The fixed monthly repayment scheme also makes it easier for budget planning.

Still, like medical bills, personal loans can be hard to understand. Having a second pair of trained eyes to review both may help you decide which type of loan will cover the medical charges and also be within your budget range, especially if interest rates are high. offers easy to use comparison tools to discover which loan plan suits your personal and financial requirements. All you have to do is enter the loan amount you wish to borrow and for how long, and it will show you the bank loans most suitable for you with their interest rates.

With medical needs, it is usually time-sensitive – which means the length of approval time is a crucial factor. offers an instant decision feature for Citi Personal Loan where you can know if your loan application is approved or rejected almost immediately.

Other benefits include a loan limit of up to 4x monthly income, flexible instalments up to 60 months and a promotional interest rate of 4.27% p.a.* Click here to learn more about the attractive and affordable rates.

Funding for unexpected illnesses or even long-term diseases is never easy for anyone. Keeping yourself updated on the alternatives of financing your medical expenses can help you to remain calm, and pick the option that is the best for you when unfortunate and unexpected situations occur.

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