Like many of us, the founders of endowus found it challenging to invest their own money efficiently in Singapore. With decades of experience at leading global financial institutions, they could see how the largest sovereign wealth funds and pension funds invested and grew their wealth.

But as individual investors, it was frustrating trying to access the best investment products, and pay the exorbitant fees that ate away at their returns.

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Sam Rhee, the former CEO and CIO of Morgan Stanley Investment Asia, saw the potential for technology to transform the financial services industry and really make a difference for investors. As a result, the founders decided to create endowus with a simple mission: Leverage technology to make the best financial advice and products accessible to all of us.

endowus black is a holistic solution suitable for your core investment portfolio. It offers access to globally diversified, evidence-based portfolios at a fraction of the industry average cost. The portfolios are built on institutional share-class funds by Dimensional Fund Advisors and PIMCO, and typically only available to large institutions like sovereign wealth funds and pension funds but they have found a way to make them available to us in Singapore.

The New Savvy - Finance - endowus

Fees matter.

Morningstar research has shown that they are the best predictor of returns. endowus believes in keeping fees low and aligned to a customer’s interests. As an independently owned and operated financial adviser, they are only paid by you (i.e. they do not receive any kickbacks in the form of hidden trailer fees), so their advice can remain unaffected by conflicts of interest. They also do not make money when you transact so they are not incentivised to make you trade frequently.

The investment advisory industry in Asia today is not serving the customer well – Costs are too high, outcomes are poor and conflict of interest is prevalent everywhere. We all deserve access to the best investment advice and products and make our money work hard for us and grow our wealth.

You can get more information on endowus black here. endowus also publishes a weekly newsletter called The Know which has insights on investing and the world.

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