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Malaysia can be more than just the last-minute holiday destination you always look to. When looking for somewhere to invest, the Malaysian market is a great choice. As a Singapore-based investor your broker will be able to trade in the Malaysian market for you without any difficulties By adding Malaysian equities to your portfolio you can add variety to your investments. This diversity will improve the chances of generating higher portfolio returns. What To Know Before Buying Malaysian Equities? The Malaysian Stock Exchange is known as Bursa Malaysia and is based in Kuala Lumpur, The Bursa Malaysia exchange is a moderately liquid market which means there are choices of different equities to buy and sell and different people for you to buy and sell with. The key difference for you when investing in Malaysian equities is the currency. You will be buying and selling equities in Malaysian Ringgit. Your broker will convert your Singapore dollars for you but you need to remember that the rate is not fixed. Most brokers in Singapore now provide multicurrency accounts.

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