Women in Finance Asia and The New Savvy, Thomson Reuters

Women in Finance Asia x The New Savvy, Thomson Reuters

On Wednesday 11th April The New Savvy collaborated with Women in Finance Asia (WiFA) to host an event entitled “Financial Wellbeing: Yoga for your Wallet” featuring Kimberley Chao, a specialist in investments and financial planning with over 10 years’ experience.

Kimberley has worked for a number of financial institutions in New York, London and Hong Kong including macro-hedge fund Bridgewater. She then discovered her passion for helping others achieve their financial goals and established her own business, Zebra Crossing Asset Management.

Supported by Thomson Reuters there was an excellent turn out of women from a variety of financial institutions. Many of the women identified that although their day to day roles require them to take an active interest in finance, they often require a helping hand when it comes to making sure that their own investment plans are in place.

Women in Finance Asia and The New Savvy, Thomson Reuters

Kimberley used a simple but effective analogy of thinking about your bank account, income and investments as a chicken. She suggested that we should be nourishing and taking care of so that it is laying eggs and generating benefits for us instead of just sitting idle. This is something that we could all relate to as well as following practical tips for getting started with investing.

The first session in this three part series was an excellent opportunity for the attendees to ask questions to our specialist about investments, budgeting, saving and achieving their goals. There was also the opportunity to discuss their own strategies and plans to share ideas about how to become empowered using their finances.

We are looking forward to further sessions with Women in Finance Asia where we will deep dive and explore specific asset classes and how to build your investment portfolio. We hope that you will join us for the next event to learn more and continue to develop your financial literacy.

The New Savvy Team

Women in Finance Asia x The New Savvy, Investments, Thomson Reuters


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