Property Types in Hong Kong: Which One is Right For You?

There is an abundance of property types in Hong Kong. The government promotes home ownership in the region – it is evident in the many housing programmes that they have in place.


According to the data from Trading Economics, more than half of Hong Kong residents live in their own home. You cannot blame these home owners for trying to invest their money in this real estate market. Regardless of where you live in this world, home ownership is the culmination of your financial success. It does not matter if you will borrow a huge amount of money to pay it off. A property is a good investment because its value will always rise.

It may be true that the housing market in Hong Kong is struggling at the moment but that does not mean you should crush your dreams of home ownership. You will eventually find yourself buying a home in the future. It is one of the most significant assets that you can buy for yourself and that of your family. It is an investment that can secure your future – if you time it perfectly.


And while you are waiting for the housing market to improve so it becomes a good time to buy, you should not feel restless. Use this time wisely to consider all your options. After all, this is a huge investment of your money. You need to make a lot of decisions. One of them is your choice among the property types in Hong Kong. This particular choice will define how much you need to borrow.

Property Types in Hong Kong: Which One is Right For You?

Different types of properties in Hong Kong

Fortunately for you, there are many types of properties in Hong Kong to choose from. Here are your choices.

  • This is usually found on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. These are huge properties built on sprawling lands with a magnificent garden and long driveways. It is the most expensive property in Hong Kong – which is probably beyond the capability of the average home buyer in the region.
  • Sometimes referred to as the Penthouse, this type of property consists of 2 levels of living space in a high-rise apartment building. The lower level is where you can find the living, dining, kitchen and utility areas. In bigger units, you will also find a study and a guest toilet. The upper floors are dedicated to the sleeping quarters. Most of these units have a garden and it is probably the most expensive multiple-dwelling unit to buy in Hong Kong.
  • Town houses. In this region, town houses can come in all sizes. It can be small enough for a family of three or it can be big like a mansion with five levels. It is characterized by its shared walls and can also come with a garden – or even a backyard.
  • Apartment blocks. These are usually a cluster of buildings with shared facilities like hallways, lifts, and gardens. It also features a couple of amenities like gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, and even supermarkets. The bigger the apartment block, the more amenities it offers. Units usually come with a balcony and utility area.
  • This is the smallest unit you can get in Hong Kong. It is characterized by one room where you see everything: the living room, dining room, toilet, and small kitchen. The bedroom is usually in the same place as the living room.


What to consider before you choose a property to buy:

If you are choosing among the property types in Hong Kong, it is important to make a couple of considerations before deciding.


  • Make sure you can afford to buy the property. According to the Hong Kong Free Press, this region is one of the most expensive places to buy a property. It is nice to live in a duplex but if your budget can only afford a small apartment, then you need to stick to that. Your income will come into play here and your credit score as well. After all, you have to borrow a home loan before you can afford your own place in Hong Kong.
  • Obviously, prices in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon will be higher. If your budget can afford it, that is okay. But if your finances can only afford to buy a property away from the central business district, then you need to make the sacrifice and deal with the longer commute to work.
  • The square footage of units in Hong Kong is quite small. You need to consider, not just your present needs, but also the future. If you live with your husband but you intend to have kids in the near future, then you need to consider buying a house that is bigger than a flat. You probably need a bedroom or two.


One of the property types in Hong Kong should be able to support your home ownership needs. If you are having a hard time to find the property that fits your lifestyle, that is okay. Take your time and be certain about your purchase. You need to live in the property for a long time. You might as well make sure it is the house of your dreams.

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