To put it mildly, I was (and still am) mind blown! Hong Kong to me had always been about amazing women who are smart, ambitious, hardworking AND gorgeous. And… launching in Hong Kong had been a work in progress for 2 years and now,… a dream come true. I remember being here for a female conference and was blown away by how engaged the women are. The community – be it the female, entrepreneur or FinTech – had been welcoming and exceedingly supportive.

So, …. Thank you for joining us at the launch of The New Savvy in Hong Kong – How to drive your way to success and implement habits for financial freedom.

We are so pleased to meet so many of you in person. Our panellists shared many actionable points and all of us learnt a lot from their wisdom.


(Photos can be found on The New Savvy Facebook page. If you post any, don’t forget to #thenewsavvy and tag us @thenewsavvy. )

88% indicated that the reason for attending is to increase your financial knowledge! This is the first of many projects and events we have planned for the Hong Kong community. We are excited to hear about your journeys towards becoming more financially savvy!

Hope you had as much fun as our team did! Do continue to support us and enhance your own development towards financial independence.We look forward to seeing you again and thank you for making our launch event such a success.

Lots of love, The New Savvy team 🙂

The New Savvy

Hong Kong dream squad. And… #youcansitwithus ! ?? Amazing ladies who did a phenomenal job planning & organising. The success of the #thenewsavvy launch is all their hard work! Thank you so much!

We even had our own bar! 😀

The New Savvy Hong Kong

In case you want entertainment,… here’s the back story before the launch!

25th January was a really stressful drama-filled day. Was rushing work and only slept 3 hours… yet still managed to nearly missed my flight. I reached airport half hour before departure, was refused entry, begged the first class guy to check me in (literally with teary eyes, telling him that he’s the only person who can save me), had issues with my fingerprint (ONLY when I’m late & panicking!)

Was so triumphant when I made it to the gate then I raised up both hands in victory & screamed “YEAHHHHHH!!!!” to myself – my war cry of sorts – to stares from bewildered onlookers. All this BEFORE 730 am.

Realised I didn’t bring my HK wallet (Macao wallet instead ??‍♀️) 2-star motels where I couldn’t open my luggage and has no sound insulation…. but whose receptionist wore a S$30k AP watch. …. and cab drivers who kept scolding me AND dropped me in the middle of nowhere AND kept challenging me to call the police. No idea why?!?!?!?

Had to waddle through with 8kg of collaterals… just to realize I’m STILL at the wrong venue.

I guess persistence pays off … and there’s a happy ending to this story. ??‍♀️???? But really, moral of the story is:
1) Have an awesome team who takes great care of everything
2) Prepare better and stop rushing through things. ??

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