Just Married: Cost Of A Hotel Wedding In Hong Kong

Thinking about hotel wedding cost options may not be the best way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials – but it is a necessary one. The traditional wedding in Hong Kong usually takes the whole day to celebrate and one of the highlights is the banquet. This is why it is natural for couples to choose a hotel as the venue for this banquet. They get to enjoy great food, professional service, and various freebies from the hotel management.


While all of us want that fairytale wedding, you need to be cautious about the amount of money that you will spend. Getting married in a hotel is a grand option – but a costly one at that. You may want to think about your options carefully because you do not want your wedding cost to rob you of a great future with the love of your life.


But what is the actual wedding cost in Hong Kong? Well, that really depends on where you want to get married. As mentioned, hotels can be both expensive and inexpensive – depending on where you plan to hold it.

Just Married: Cost Of A Hotel Wedding In Hong Kong

How much will you spend on a hotel wedding?

According to the data provided by Money Hero, you need to be prepared to spend HK$419,500 on a mid-range wedding that has 100 guests. It is not indicated where the venue is so we will look at the top three hotels that are popular as wedding venues later on. For now, let us discuss the wedding cost in Hong Kong based on three categories.


Wedding preparations: HK$67,000

The most expensive in this list is the wedding event planner that usually costs HK$15,000. This is probably a great bargain considering the convenience they will bring to the wedding preparations. The photographer and videographer will cost HK$16,000 and HK$12,000 respectively. The other costs include the dresses, suits, hair and makeup, engagement ring, invitations, and flowers.


Wedding ceremony: HK$110,500

The biggest amount to be spent on this part is the dowry – which according to the infographic presented by Money Hero, is HK$80,000. Next to that is the venue (HK$16,000), the wedding ring (HK$10,000), and the logistics (HK$4,500).


Reception: HK$212,000

This is the most expensive part of the wedding cost. As mentioned, the banquet is one of the main events in a wedding – next to the ceremony, of course. Since this is where everyone will eat, you should expect to spend a lot of money on this. According to the infographic, the average cost for 100 guests can reach HK$200,000. The entertainment will cost another HK$10,000 and the favours HK$2,000.


The final cost of the couple is HK$30,000 – which is usually reserved for the honeymoon.


As you can see, the reception venue where the banquet will be held should be given adequate consideration. It all depends on where you choose to hold the reception. Let us look at the top three hotel wedding venues in Hong Kong based on the data provided by Trip Advisor.


Harbour Grand Kowloon

In 2016, this hotel offers a wedding package of HK$13,688 per table – which will seat between 10-12 persons. That means the menu itself will cost you HK$136,880. The hotel offers several freebies depending on the number of tables you will book. Considering the costs mentioned above, and the freebies offered by the hotel, this hotel wedding cost would be HK$356,380.


Island Shangri-La Hong Kong

This hotel’s 2016 Signature Wedding Package for Atrium will cost between HK$15,388 to HK$28,888 per table for 12. This is for a minimum of 10 tables. The beverage is an additional HK$2,600 to HK$3,100 for a table for 12. If we get the lowest cost, this will be HK$179,880 for 10 tables. If you estimate for 100 guests, we can assume that the couple will spend HK$149,900 in this hotel. The wedding package includes a honeymoon offer from Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts. That means the total hotel wedding cost would be HK$339,400.


Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

The wedding packages of this hotel will depend on the exact function room or hall that you will book. For the Grand Ballroom, it will cost you HK$14,388 per table for 10 or 12. The cheapest beverage package is HK$3,288 per table. That brings us a total of HK$17,676 per table or HK$176,760 for 100 guests. The total hotel wedding cost would now be HK$396,260.


Tips to keep your wedding costs low

As you can see, have a hotel as your venue can be quite costly. Take note that these prices do not include the hotel service charge – which is usually 10%. Although a hotel wedding cost in Hong Kong is can be expensive, it has certain benefits. Convenience and elegance will top the list. However, that does not mean you cannot be financially smart when you consider these venues. Here are some tips that you can follow.


  • Make sure you scrutinize every detail of the wedding package so you can minimize the overall cost of your marriage ceremony.

For instance, getting married in Island Shangri-La and utilizing their honeymoon offer is a great way to save money.

  • Trade skill for gifts. If you have friends with skills, you may be able to get them to help you lower your hotel wedding cost.

If you have a friend who takes great photos or videos, you can have them cover your wedding so you can save up to HK$30,000 on your total wedding expense. In case you are great at arts and crafts, you can choose to create your own wedding favours in your spare time. You can do the same for your invitations. Even your entertainment costs can be brought down by musically inclined colleagues. There are many ways to save on your wedding if you have talented family and friends.

  • Know your budget and stick to it. Make sure you set a budget with your partner and do everything in your power to stick to it.

If that means sacrificing the type of hotel you will book – then do it.

  • Limit your invitation to those who really matter.

You do not have to invite all your relatives and friends. Try not to put them in the guest list just because you do not want them to be offended. You do not owe anyone an invite. It is your wedding and you get to choose who you want to spend it with.


Your wedding cost in Hong Kong does not have to be very expensive. What matters most is that you spend it with the ones you love and you all have a great time getting married to the man of your dreams.

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