One of your responsibilities as a mother is to ensure that your child gets the best education in Hong Kong. And we all know that formal learning starts with their kindergarten education.

According to the, pre-primary education provides children with the foundation for learning. If it is done well, they are equipped to accommodate the lessons that they will receive for the rest of their lives.

Kindergarten facilities in Hong Kong are encouraged to allow children to engage in various physical activities to help establish a healthy routine. Not only that, they are taught basic skills in both language and communication, logical thinking, and creativity.

But just like everything else in this region, it will cost you money to put your child through kindergarten. This is why you need to learn how to budget for kindergarten.

First-time Parenting: How To Budget For Kindergarten In Hong Kong

How much do kindergarten cost in Hong Kong

The first question that you need to research on is how much do kindergarten cost in Hong Kong?

An article published in the South China Morning Post revealed that the cost of kindergarten education in this region is rising. In fact, the Education Bureau said that 799 out of the 972 registered kindergarten facilities were allowed to increase their fees. The average tuition fee increase is 8.3% – but the highest is 29%.

In a separate article from Education Post, it is revealed that parents look at their ability to budget for kindergarten as a factor to choose where they will send their child. Quality and language benefits are also part of the equation.

But how much does it take to send your child to kindergarten in Hong Kong?

The same article from Education Post, a non-profit pre-school can charge a couple of hundred Hong Kong dollars each month. This is a standard schedule that runs for half a day. It is possible for qualified students to use a voucher from the government to lower the cost. For those who can afford to send their children to a private or international kindergarten institution, the cost can go as high as HK$14,000 a month.

Tips to make kindergarten easier on the budget

Given the expensive cost of education, how can you budget for kindergarten in Hong Kong? Here are a couple of tips you can follow:

Research financial aid from the government.

Start by researching the financial aid and government vouchers that you can use to help finance the kindergarten education of your child. According to the Education Bureau, all children in Hong Kong, regardless of their nationality, are eligible to apply for financial assistance.

This is part of their Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme. Your child may also be eligible for the Pre-Primary Education Voucher Scheme that is administered by the Student Finance Office.

Avail of other benefits for your child.

The key to budget for kindergarten is to keep your other expenses low. According to, there are various health programmes that can help meet the healthcare needs of your child – in the event that it is needed.

You have the Integrated Child Health and Development Programme, Student Health Service, Dental Care Service, and even programmes that can help with developmental and behavioural problems. If your child is disabled, there is also a programme that you can look into.

Live near the school.

It can also help if you live near the school because you can save on transportation expenses. It will be easy for you to fetch your kid. If you can lower the cost of the other expenses, that will give you more money to spend on your child’s education.

Set aside an amount for your child’s education.

If you can, save in advance for the education of your child. Try not to come up with the fees at the last minute. Budget the savings and spread it out so the burden will not be too great when the school year starts.

For instance, you can start saving for next school year by dividing the tuition fee by 12. The smaller amount is easier to meet and commit to. Saving in advance makes the cost less of a burden on your budget.

It is also important to be wise about the kindergarten that you will choose for your child. While we all want them to go to the best school in Hong Kong, you have to be realistic. If you need to send your child to a non-profit school, that is okay.

The government ensures that all these facilities are up to par with their standards. You do not have to stretch your budget for kindergarten unnecessarily.

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