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The best way to ensure you have sufficient time to invest in the financial markets is to invest steadily and start from a young age. Let your investments compound. This is important as you are likely to invest in blue-chip companies with dividends and are growing. You have the time to let these companies grow and reap from their businesses. It is important to have a personal reason to save habitually as it will play a role in goal setting and financial management. Women often work hard to care for their family and provide a comfortable lifestyle. Thus, this goal will serve as a great motivator when personal sacrifices are called for. Financially savvy women in Asia take the lead in arranging the finances of the family and tend to share equal strengths with their male counterparts as opposed to western women who are more conservative than men when deploying their money. Nevertheless, women globally portray lower investing confidence compared to men, and project conservative investment numbers, giving them minimal gains.

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