Guide to Climbing The Corporate Ladder In Asia (Book 2)


When You Are
In The Job – Part II
Office Etiquette To Know: Workplace Rules You Must Observe 2-5
How To Nail Your First Day On The Job & Make Your Mark
How To Recover From Your Work Screw-Ups And Solve Your Mistakes
How To Stand Up And Protect Yourself From Being Bullied At Work
Too Comfortable In Your Job? Don't Get Too Cosy At Work!

When Looking For New Job
Unhappy At Work: Get To The Root & Change How You Feel
How Working Women Can Achieve A Work-Life Balance
How to Reinvent Yourself Mid-Career: The Art of Career Reinvention

Despite good intentions, you come across bad office etiquette occasionally. Or perhaps, the work is a little easy for people – too easy to the point that people need to gossip just to kill the boredom. Perhaps people are too stressed.

Regardless of the reason, these bad office etiquettes are never good things – both for
the company productivity, as well as the social dynamics within the department altogether.

Remember also that the people in your office are also the people you'll most probably spend most of your weekdays around, so here are some habits that are frowned upon in office settings, and how to avoid or mitigate it.


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